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How To Make iPhone Camera LED Notifications Work [Complete Guide]

The notification system in iOS, prior to the latest update, was always under fire by critics as it was quite inefficient and no match for a universal notification center like the one Android has always had. But iOS 5 saw to that issue, and even added a few pretty neat enhancements to the whole concept. In addition to adding widgets to notification center, it is now also possible to make the LED flash every time you get a new notification. The camera light is pretty bright and almost impossible to miss so that kind of reinforces the purpose of a notification. So if you have an iPhone (the ones having a camera LED, i.e. iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S) and you are running iOS 5, then this tip is perfect for you.


Configuring the option is simple and all you need to do is to go to your phone’s Settings, navigate to General > Accessibility options and turn on LED notifications. Now, doing so should enable LED notifications for you, but some users have reported having issues with getting it to work properly. The LED blinks 3 times on a new notification and that too only when your phone is in lock screen mode. If simply turning on the feature does not make it work for you, try the following remedy.

  • Turn the flash off both in camera and notification alert settings.
  • Simultaneously press the power and home button and keep holding until the phone reboots (in technical terms, perform a hard reboot).
  • After the phone is back on, launch Settings.
  • Navigate to  General > Accessibility and slide the LED notification button to ON. Don’t just press it to toggle it on; hold and slide it.

Once that is done, your LED should start working in sync with notifications. If it doesn’t do so immediately, give it a few hours and it should start working just fine. Some people might argue that having an LED alert of this kind might not be really useful for most iOS users, as you are bound to keep your phone facing upwards rather than the other way around (where the LED is located). It would be better if in future iPhone models Apple builds a special notification LED next to the front-facing camera, or anywhere above the screen. As things stand, you will have to be content with the back LED alert, and maybe start placing your phone with the screen facing downwards.

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