Bring Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Text Editor To Windows 7 With Lion TextEdit

TextEdit is a Mac OS X word processor and text editor which comes pre-installed with Mac. TextEdit was a replacement for the legacy text editor known as SimpleText. Mac OS X Lion TextEdit for Windows is a portable Mac style text editor for Windows which can be used as an alternative to the native Windows Notepad. This Mac's TextEdit clone is yet another third-party attempt to create an application which aims to mimic features of a Mac application. Some other examples include, the previously reviewed PhotoBooth and JumpPad. Read More

Text Editor Anywhere Sends Text To External Programs For Editing

Text Editor Anywhere is an application which allows you to send text from one text editor and to another. This text can then be edited and saved back to the source editor. The application provides the utility to use some features (like auto-completing, spell checking and syntax highlighting) of advanced text editors. Consider an instance where you have to send code received in email to software development IDE to mark incorrect syntax usages and other code related anomalies. With Text Editor Anywhere, you can specify a software development IDE in its application list in order to send code text from any external application, such as, mail programs, plain text editor, etc. Once settings are configured, just use the default hokey combination - Win+A to bring up menu over any text box to send underlying text to specified software development IDE. After you've finished editing text in IDE, it will send the text back to source editor/text box. Read More

Compile And Run VB, C# And F# Code Without Installing Visual Studio

Don’t have Visual Studio installed on your system and you want to compile some C# or VB code to verify the functionality of your project modules? You should try out FastSharp. It’s is a lightweight text editor to compile not only C# and VB code but also F#. It was designed to let users compile and run C# and VB code without having to open or install Visual Studio. All the Import statements required to compile code have already been appended which enables you to compile C# and VB code without any problems. The Import list is configurable. You can access it anytime and change it to meet your coding requirements. A small output console window beneath the code editor lets you identify errors and view outputs. FastSharp also offers a small desktop gadget to compile and run VB, C# and F# code right from the desktop. Read More

Editra – Cross Platform Text Editor With Large Code Library & Plugins

Text editors with syntax highlighting support are developed to only perform some basic tasks related with coding, such as, viewing code structure, identify syntax errors, review starting and ending code tags, etc, and are not meant to replace the software development IDEs. If you’re looking for a text editor which provides some extra text editing features compared to the native OS text editor, Editra is a text editor you might’ve been looking for. It’s a freshly baked cross platform text editor, supporting Windows, Mac, and Linux OS platform. Read More

Tincta – Alternative For Mac TextEdit With Programming Language Support

Looking for Mac’s native TextEdit alternative which has a great deal of text editing features with programming language support? Have a look at freshly developed Tincta. It’s a tiny yet powerful text editor which is designed intuitively to fit the requirements of both novice and professionals. The main UI offers tab support and the navigation bar at left side holds all pen documents to make switching between them a lot easier. Apparently, it supports all major programming languages with options to customizable syntax highlighting color for, HTML, PHP, CSS,  Java, Python and more. Unlike other text editors with programming language support, it uses natively written coloring algorithm to quickly identify and highlight programming language syntaxes. Read More

Format And Clean Up Text Of Emails For Easier Reading With StripMail

StripMail is a portable application that cleans up your emails by removing unwanted characters, as well as provides paragraph and indenting options. Just copy and paste wrongly formatted emails in StripMail and select the appropriate options to automatically strip your emails of unwanted characters (such as “>”), which are present when forwarding emails. It allows indenting entire text, adding quotes, creating paragraphs and more. Read More

Araneae – Minimalist Web Development Tool With Code Elements Handler

Many web application developers seek one simple tool which can provide all the necessary features to create, edit and manage code along with best code handling capabilities. Araneae is an exemplary web development tool on said regard. While it can boost up script creation process, you can write and organize markup languages code, including, HTML, XML, and XHTML. Since web application developers have to keep ever-evolving CSS organized during the web development phase, it lets user manage CSS stylesheets in simple yet intuitive manner with options to quickly set color, insert comment, change font settings, and insert Images. Furthermore, support for JavaScripts, PHP, Ruby scripts with all the variations are also available. Read More

Geany Is Lightweight IDE With Built-in Compiler, Now Available For Windows

We have previously advocated Geany for Linux users in our past 15 Ubuntu Text Editors post. Geany, being a lightweight text editor, certainly enhances the text processing on Linux OS, as it includes many features which are not there in Linux native text editor. Now it is available for Windows users too, with a lot of document editing improvements. Geany for Windows offers lightweight IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to write, modify, manage and streamline programming language code of Java, C, PHP, HTML, Python, Pascal, SQL, VHDL, etc. It comes with small code-assisting features to tidy up the code, like code folding (expandables/collapsibles), auto closing HTML tags, easy code navigation, and symbol lists while compiler is also deployed within the application to compile and execute code. Being an extensible application, you will find many new plug-ins on developer’s plugin project page. Read More

metapad Is Small, Fast, And Free MS Notepad Alternative

In the past, we have covered many third-party text-editors aiming to replace Windows Notepad, to name a few, RJ TextEd, TextRoom, LetterPress, ConTEXT, EditPad Lite, and World Wide NotePad. We did not mention Notepad++ since we all know how popular it is. Today, we are bringing metapad into limelight. It has come a long way since its first release in 2001, offering a huge set of new and interesting features in latest version -  3.51. While it covers everything which Windows NotePad has to offer, it is also compounded with features like persistent windows placement, 10 buffers for quick rendering, adding unlimited amount of favorites, intuitive find and replace functions while providing a long list of hotkeys. Since it has web browser direct viewing capability with support for many programming languages syntaxes, it would suit users who need to perform daily web maintenance tasks. Read More

Create Public And Private Keys To Encrypt / Decrypt Text Messages With gpg4usb

Confidential information should not be exchanged in public locations because chances of data theft are considerably high, and if there is a dire need, communication must be carried out through one strong encryption tool. gpg4usb is a tool to let users encrypt and decrypt information to keep their exchanges safe from any external unauthorized usage. The application is backed by GnuPg (an OpenPGP implementation) to write, encrypt, and decrypt your text messages.  It supports multiple OS platforms, allowing users to achieve inter-operability. Its name suggests only one requirement - accessible USB port, you need to have open access to ports to secure information in public places, like internet cafés, public libraries, etc. Read More

TextRoom Is A Free Fullscreen Distracion-Free Text Entry Tool

If you’re a writer, journalist, blogger, or anyone who has to perform a writing task on their PC and cannot resist the temptation to check your IM notifications, email client every few minutes, and all these activities are causing hindrance in your primary writing task, then TextRoom might be the answer for you. This tool provides a totally distraction-free writing environment as it works in full-screen, covering everything as you type. Read More

Letterpress – Advanced Windows Notepad Replacement Text Editor With Declarative Customization

Text editors come in more than packs of dozens, such is their abundance. Along with the many commercial offerings, free software are also available in huge numbers. Letterpress is an open source offering that covers not only basic text editing functions but also brings many advanced features like file comparison, HTML and PHP support, mathematical operators, and much more. Read More

ConTEXT Serves As Secondary Programming Text Editor For Software Developers

Previously we covered number of text editors having advance features and tools, such as; Fxite, World Wide NotePad, and EditPad, all these text editors are primarily coded for end-users. ConTEXT is another advance multi-lingual text editor, having innumerable features, tools whilst supporting a long list of languages for syntax highlighting. According to the developer, the reason behind its development is to serve as a secondary tool  for software developers, who need a text editor supporting programming languages with all development related tools build-in. Read More

FluentNotepad: Notepad With Office 2010 Ribbon UI

Though the IT market is flourished with plenty of text editors, FluentNotepad is one program that will not miss your eye. With a brilliant, yet appealingly simple interface, this writing tool offers everything you need to start working on your drafts, memos and notes. Read More

Ubiquitous Player Includes Media Player, Web Browser, Image Viewer & Lots More

Application catering multiple elements are not abundant and users in need of such application would have to search intensively through the web to find one useful utility. Ubiquitous player is a packaged portable application which features; file management options, media player, image viewer, simple web browser, text editor, note taking application, and whole lot of more. Read More