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Notepad7 Is Ribbon Based Alternative To Windows Notepad

The default Notepad of Windows hasn’t seen much GUI changes since a very long time. Even when Windows 7 came out, we were presented with a lot of changes in the user interface, but there was not anything different about the way Notepad looked. To be honest, the current GUI is pretty lame in my opinion. There are no tabs, no buttons to access the settings and you have to access simple document editing options such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Find, Replace, Font Style, Size, Bold, Italic etc from the menus at the top. Having the same options in as quick access buttons can save a lot of time of the users, since they will not have to open up a menu every time they want to perform a simple action. If you too find the default Windows Notepad boring and somewhat annoying, you can check out Notepad7. It is an application for Windows, more like a replacement for the default Notepad, which provides you with all the options of the default Notepad, but all on the main interface. Notepad7 removes the need to open a menu every time you have to perform an editing action. Read more about the application after the break.

Notepad7 is a text editor just like the default Windows Notepad but it has a different GUI, inspired by the look and feel of MS Office 2010 Ribbon. The application just changes the appearance; the main functionality of Notepad remains the same. The basic options such as Font Style, Font Size, Undo, Insert Date Time, Find, Replace, Save Document, Text Wrapping, etc are neatly divided in Home and View tabs accessible from the top. Buttons for other options like Redo, Open New and Print can be added to the main interface from Customize Quick Access Toolbar button at the top.


Previously, we covered another alternative to the default Windows Notepad named FluentNotepad. Like Notepad7, FluentNotepad is also based on Office 2010 Ribbon UI and contains some added options such as Text Color, Text Alignment, etc. Notepad7 works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7.

Download Notepad7


  1. Notepad is supposed to be plain and simple.  It’s a plain text editor.  Sure, I’d welcome features like tabs, and multiple undo/redo, but nothing other than that, really.  Microsoft made WordPad to fit the bill that this program seems to be trying to fit.

    Nevertheless, I appreciate you bringing these apps up to surface.

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