12 Best Firefox Add-Ons Of The Year 2014

Last Monday, we recapped the best Chrome apps and extensions we reviewed in 2014 and we’re ending the week with the 12 best Firefox add-ons we found last year. The list is short but the add-ons themselves add some great functionality to a very powerful browser.

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1. Bookmark Sorter (An Automation Tool For Sorting Bookmarks)

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2. Keyconfig (Set Your Own Shortcut Key To Move Between Tabs)

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3. Thin Bookmarks (Customize The Bookmarks Bar)

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4. Tab Colors (Highlight The Four Most Important Tabs You Have Open )

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5. Silent Tab (Delay Page Loading Until You Switch To A Tab)

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6. Locationbar³ (Make Each Segment In A URL Clickable)

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7. Tab Groups Helper (Tab Management)

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8. Classic Theme Restorer (Get Rid Of Australis & Restore The Classic Theme On Firefox)

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9. Clean Up Google Music (Remove All Suggestion Cards From Google Music)

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10. Click Modifiers (Change Modifier Key Behavior When Clicking Links)

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11. OmniSidebar (Customize Firefox Sidebar Position, Accessibility & More)

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12. Tab Deque (Improve The Way Firefox Opens, Closes & Orders Tabs )

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