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How To Create And Share Notes In Edge In Windows 10

Windows 10 is shipping with a new browser dubbed Edge and it comes with features that you don’t get in Internet Explorer (like stability and improved speed). A noteworthy feature of Edge is the ability to take notes on a web page, save it, and even share it. The browser comes with a nice clipping tool, the ability to highlight areas on a page, and even leave comments. Here’s how it works.

Open a web page and click the ‘Make a Web Note’ button.



You will enter the Note compose mode with all tools shown just below the title bar. The tools on the far left let you pan the page, annotate the page, highlight it, erase an annotation or highlight, leave a comment, and clip a part of the page. The tools on the far right let you save the web page complete with your note, share the note, and exit the Note compose mode.



The comments are all numbered and so long as the comment tool is active, you can reposition the comment.


You can change the color and the weight of the highlight and annotate tools by clicking and holding the respective tool and choosing a color and weight from the menu.


When you’re done, click the Save button. You can name the note anything you want, and keep your notes organized by folder.


Notes can be shared via Windows. Click the share button next to the Save button and the Share panel will open. Share the note to the connected services.



  1. First :

    “Windows 10 is shipping with a new browser dubbed Edge and it comes with features that you don’t get in Internet Explorer (like stability and improved speed).”

    I use Opera 32 Dev, Vivaldi x64 TP, Chromium x64, IE, Firefox x64 Dev and Edge is by far the most slow of all browsers. All out perform Edge and the worst is that even IE is much
    better. Unless the worst is for a site, or a page on two, needs to refresh
    (sometimes several times…) so that it appears (correctly). The only quick
    thing with this browser, it is its opening, nothing else.

    I would have liked that it is a good browser, but it’s a disaster. I could never
    understand how a firm like MS does not know to make a worthy competition
    browser. Comply with standards, that’s fine, make good score on the benchmarks,
    that’s fine, but have an effective browser in practice, is something else.

    Two: I do not know what can be used this trick.

    A nothing actually. Solutions like Evernote Web Clipper are very much higher than this thing that asks 50 steps to share, that sticks the notes in Favorites, which is totally absurd and is not able to send to OneNote, yet another Microsoft product !

  2. I don’t understand what the purpose of this is. It seems like a silly gimic, a pretense for the easily fooled, that this is something they need or want, much like Cortana or virtual desktops or a new version of Windows. I don’t need or want any assistance with things like making reservations. Virtual desktops have been around for years. They don’t interest me.

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