Enable Start Page, Folders, & App Info In The Chrome App Launcher

Google Chrome's App Launcher is, in my opinion, a better way to launch browser apps than what Firefox has going. Google's gone the extra mile by adding a search bar so that you can open a URL, an app, or even start a new search and send it to a new tab.  That is the App Launcher working as it should by default but if you use it often and wish it did more, you can enable a start up page and folders in the App Launcher. Additionally, you can also get information for an app from the context menu. Each features is enabled via experimental features in Chrome. Head over to Chrome://flags Read More

Access All Google Apps In Gmail With IntegratedInbox For Firefox

We know that all Google services like Gmail, Calendar, Maps, Google Drive etc. are collectively labelled Google Apps. The search giant has integrated these apps fairly well with each other, allowing you to control them via a single account. However, what’s still missing here is to enable users access these services under a unified interface. IntegratedInbox is a clever new service which carries the answer. By installing its small add-on in Firefox, you can bring all Google apps as well as popular third-party services like Evernote, Feedly, Twitter and more right in your Gmail account, giving you easy and fast access to them. Read More

Tomi File Manager Lets You Manage Files And Batch Uninstall Apps [Android]

One of the key features Android holds over its competitors is the ability to have complete flexibility and control over your files and folders rather than having to sync data between PC and mobile or accessing it using some other complicated methods. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to file managers on the Google Play Store and we have covered several of them here on Addictivetips, from the highly powerful Solid Explorer to the dual-pane enabled Total Commander, just to name a few. However, a new app called Tomi File Manager has recently become my new favorite, kudos to its simple interface. The app gives quick access to music, pictures, videos, documents and apps, and lets you remove multiple applications in one go. Read More

Klout App Arrives On Android For Tracking Your Social Media Influence

Popular social media tracking service Klout has finally released its official Android app in the Google Play Store. The free application, which landed on iOS long ago, shows your Klout influence online with major social networks. You’re also awarded a Klout score determined by a variety of factors including the type of content you share, retweets, followers etc., which help increase your influence in particular topics or area. When posting links, you can schedule them based on when your audience is most active, and the app also provides content recommendations tailored to your social media audience only. Read More

SlideCut Brings Keyboard Shortcuts To iOS [Jailbreak]

Who doesn't love keyboard shortcuts? Just the word 'Hotkey' makes you feel like you're about do something phenomenal even though really you might only be sending a file to the Trash or Recycle Bin. Keyboard shortcuts are present on the desktop platform and not on the mobile platform. Not even devices with a physical QWERTY keyboard have keyboard shortcuts and the majority of devices sold today have a touch screen. Where the iPhone decided to limit itself to one physical button on the screen, Samsung took it further with no buttons on the screen with some of their handsets. It's hard to imagine keyboard shortcuts with devices being the way they are but SlideCut does an amazing job at it. You actually sit and wonder why Apple didn't think of this. SlideCut is a Cydia tweak available in the BigBoss repository for free. It gives you keyboard shortcuts; you tap the spacebar and then slide your finger to one of the letters associated with a shortcut and the shortcut is executed. It is that simple. So what shortcuts does the tweak support? All the basic ones you are used to on your desktop; cut, copy, paste, select all, undo, redo and more. Read More

YouTuber Adds Background Playback & Download Options To YouTube App [Jailbreak]

We're going to start this of by saying that music piracy is not okay. It's not, and you shouldn't do it. Moving on, YouTube is so much more than just music videos; it's an amazing place to find tutorials from something as simple as folding a t-shirt to as complex as developing apps. People upload a great variety of content (that is not  copy right protected) and YouTuber is a Cydia tweak available in the ModMyi repository that lets you download YouTube videos in low, medium, or high quality and import them to your camera roll. The tweak can also block ads in the app but if you're benefiting from someone's content on YouTube, you should watch that ad. It can also play YouTube videos in the background  and play high quality videos on 3G and 4G. Read More

Create Responsive Websites With SiteSupra Content Management System

Most modern websites these days are powered by Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress or Blogger. These CMS tools are mostly PHP-based applications that are infused to your server and let you login to a dashboard and edit pages on the fly. The rise in responsive website designs of late have seen incredible popularity among webmasters, but custom coding such websites seem like a complex job unless handled by a professional. On the bright side, we’ve seen an increase in simple CMS services during the past few years that use just plain text files and native templates to let users build fully responsive webpages with the least amount of effort. One such nifty new online CMS tool is SiteSupra which makes it easier to build professional looking responsive websites. Read More

How To Delete Skype Conversation For A Single Contact In Windows

There’s no doubting the fact that Skype is the most amazing VoIP services around. Hundreds of millions of people use it everyday, and it’s supported by almost all mobile and desktop platforms. But just like many top notch tech solutions, Skype isn’t without its shortcomings. If you use Skype on Windows, you’d probably be aware that it doesn’t let you remove the chat history of a single contact only and the only (official) way is to delete it is by clearing the entire chat history from Preferences. You’re not completely out of luck though, as there is a way to delete Skype conversation of one user if you want. And in this guide we will show you how. So without any further ado, let’s get straight to it. Read More

Socioclip Is A Bookmark Tool For Facebook And Quora Posts [Chrome]

There’s never a lack of new things to see and read on services like Facebook. It’s a one stop shop for keeping a tab on latest trends, finding interesting stuff to read online as well as keeping up with your friends. But the problem is that, Facebook doesn’t offer a way to bookmark posts and there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it (other than hitting the signature Like button). Fret not! There’s a great Chrome extension for that called Socioclip. This outstanding free online bookmarking service for Chrome crammed into a decent interface allows you to bookmark posts from Facebook and Quora. You can also assign multiple tags to the posts so you may easily find them when required. Read More

Haunted House By Atari Is Out Now For iOS [Review]

Haunted House - Logo
Haunted House originally came out for the Atari 2600 back in 1982. This is a console that had less processing power than the kind required to display a dot at the end of a sentence today. The game was understandably limited at the time, but it was still unique. You were a floating pair of eyes trying to find your way through a haunted house looking for pieces of an urn. The property was rebooted in 2010 for consoles with an abysmal release (it wasn't scary or fun). Now, it is back, re-imagined for realm of mobile gaming. Haunted House is out for iOS. Let us see how it fares. Read More

4 Apps That Give You A Comprehensive Photo-Editing Suite On Your Android

Enthusiasts will unanimously concur that there is more to photography than pointing and capturing. There is composition, framing, lighting, post-processing, etc. to take in to account. Characteristics that define photography as a subject are mostly platform independent, you can take all of what you know about photography and apply it through any means, be it a professional DSLR, a pinhole camera or, the most commonly used smartphone camera. We have already discussed apps like Google Camera. Now, following is a list of apps that can help you take better pictures with your android camera phone. Read More

Raindrop.io: Save And Sync Bookmarks, Access Them On Desktop Or Mobile

It’s very difficult to imagine a world without bookmarks. Besides the built-in bookmark option in you web browser, there is a whole variety of services, such as Delicious, Pocket and Keeeb, that let you bookmark images, videos and other awesome things you find online. And just when you begin to think you’re out of options, a new alternative enters the block. Raindrop.io is one such amazing online tool for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and iOS that wants to make bookmarking easy and fun. With a simple click, you can save different items for later reading, and have them synced across web and mobile. You can save pages, articles, videos or photos in a snap, organize collection contents and share them with friends via email or social media networks. Read More

Lala Gif: Add Audio To Your Gifs

gif with sounds
Gifs are the best way to express yourself on the internet; Gifs are to comments what emoji is to text messages. It's hard to imagine what the next generation of internet users will use to express their outrage, approval, despair, or happiness when we think of how effective Gifs are but that doesn't mean no one is trying to invent a better way to express emotions online. Meet Lala Gif a simple web app that adds audio to your Gifs. Now, technically, moving picture with sound is called a video but there's a difference in image quality, which in turn impacts how fast it loads. What we're saying is, a Gif with a little audio will load faster than a video, it will obviously be more expressive than a mute Gif, but still convenient to watch. Read More

Feel The Wheel: Control Windows Opacity And Size With The Mouse Wheel

The main reason I like Windows is that it has a wide array of useful applications available for it. From the not-so-popular Windows Store apps to the conventional desktop tools, it caters to all types of computer users. Feel The Wheel, for instance, is a little freeware application for Windows operating system that you can use to add transparency effect to the window as well as easily resize it via hotkey. Using this application, you can painlessly control a window’s overall opacity on the desktop, so that you can instantly preview any opened window beside it and resize it using the mouse scroll wheel. Read More

Foursquare Launches Swarm App For iOS And Android

Earlier this month, Foursquare announced that it would no longer be about just customers and businesses anymore as their new app aptly labeled Swarm for iOS and Android will bring new features and functionality into the mix, letting you and your friends easily share common places you visit, discover events, find new places to check in as well as find if you’re both in the same neighborhood. The app is now available on the Google Play and iTunes App Store, and just like Foursquare, it’s free to use on both platforms. The app shares various similarities with Foursquare itself, for instance you can check in to places just as you already do, but the app also uses passive location information in order to show you whether your friends are nearby even when they haven't checked in. Read More

Food Builder Gives You Nutrition Information Based On Your Ingredients

food builder app
The great thing about any type of packaged food is that you can flip it around and check the nutrition information. The same doesn't hold true for when you cook yourself, or even when you're dining out. Food Builder is a neat, ad-free, Android app that gives you nutritional information for what you're about to eat. Now this isn't some magic app that lets you take a picture of your food and analyzes the photo to give you a list of the ingredients that went into making it and then gives you the nutrition information. You have to enter the ingredients yourself, manually, elbow-grease style. It comes with many pre-added ingredients that you can just select from the relevant category so that definitely speeds things up. Each food you add is a 'plate' and at the end, you get general nutrition information for it. Read More

Reedy Offers Smart Online & Offline Speed Reading [Chrome]

There is a lot of informative, and entertaining content available online and I would love to read it, all of it, but there isn't enough time. What I mostly end up doing is reading all kinds of interesting stuff that I don't necessarily have to read but want to, and then trying to catch up on stuff that I should be reading. Reedy is a Chrome extension that can help catch up on reading that needs to be done. It's a simple browser tool to help you read faster. You choose the words-per-minute speed and select the text you want to read, and it will take care of the rest. It comes with a light and dark reading mode and a very clean interface. Read More

Add Opera-Style Go Back To Start Button To Mozilla Firefox

The exponential growth in the web during the last couple of decades has seen tremendous changes to the web browsing software like Firefox and Opera as well. These two major web browsers have evolved a lot during the years. And although I mostly use Firefox, there are a few noteworthy elements in Opera that I wish Mozilla would borrow from. One such is the go back to start button that lets you swiftly return to the main page of a website where you entered it in the first place. Firefox does have a back button but it doesn’t function in a similar way as Opera’s back button does. If you don’t mind using third-party add ons then the small extension called Back to Start can help overcome this nuisance by adding a back to start button on the toolbar. Read More

The BreakFree App Helps You Get Over Your Smartphone Addiction [Android]

Getting over your smartphone addiction can be overwhelming. From the day we become the proud owners of this modern-day gadget, it becomes an integral part of our life and it feels taxing to simply stay away from it (wait, let me text my friend). Besides sending emails, texting people or making phone calls, a smartphone can entertain you in a variety of ways and you often find yourself looking at the blank screen even without any reason. Inevitably, there's now an app called BreakFree for Android that aims to reduce this addiction by giving you constant feedback on exactly how much and how often you’re hooked to your device. It tracks things like how many times you unlocked the screen, your overall phone usage and which apps grab most of your attention. Read More

Sport Camera: Shoot & Edit Slow-Motion Videos On WP8.1

Some apps are developed with a very narrow focus, but once they are out in the market, there is always the possibility that users will find new and intuitive ways to get the most out of even the simplest of them. Sport Camera,as the name indicates, is an app that seems to have the main purpose of helping people in sports-related activities. However, a quick tour of the app’s features is enough to reveal that Sport Camera can be used for a variety of tasks. You might be tempted to put this new release in the category of “just another video editor”, but there is more to Sport Camera than that. The app is among the first of its kind to take full advantage of Windows Phone 8.1’s new features. It harnesses the update’s power to control shooting speed midway through recording a video. You can also use Sport Camera to slow down particular portions of existing videos. Read More