Reduce Noise And Upscale A Photo Up To Two Times Its Resolution

The cameras on phones get better every year. It's hard to remember what it was like when we were taking photos with VGA cameras and hoping there was enough natural light because the phone itself didn't have a flash. With today's phones and the cameras they have, we can take breathtaking panoramic photos without worrying about light. That said, you can still have noise in photos and we are still waiting on the technology seen in NCIS that lets us enhance and zoom a photo a thousand times and still come away with a nice clear picture. Waifu is a little web utility that reduces the noise in a picture and lets you improve its resolution. We took it for a spin and here are our results. Read More

Downgrade From iOS 9.1 Beta To iOS 9 Official Version

downloading ios9
Apple made iOS 9 (and subsequently iOS 9.1) beta public for anyone to test out. You were no longer restricted to needing a developer account with Apple to give the upcoming iOS version a try and lots of people got to preview the operating system before hand. That said, it is iOS day and iOS 9 has been released to the stable channel. As you read this, countless users are downloading and upgrading to it (while others are going to wait until the jailbreak is out). If you took the iOS 9 or iOS 9.1 beta for a spin, you might be wondering how you can get the stable and final release of iOS 9 on your device. Here's the walkthrough. Read More

Translate And Send Text From Inside The iOS Keyboard

The internet and the overcrowded market of messaging apps have more or less removed any barriers to communication that may have existed a few decades ago. Sending someone across the globe a message is easier than having food delivered to your home and even language isn't an obstacle anymore. Lot of services let you translate text and support a large number of languages. Meet TransKey, a free iOS keyboard app that lets you type and translate text from the keyboard. The app supports lots of languages including Klingon. You can write something and have the app translate it for you, or you can copy text and paste it in the app's keyboard to see what it means. Read More

Directly Connect To A Steam Game Server With A Desktop Shortcut

tf2-view server info
Steam is one of the most popular gaming platforms out there. The game selection available is pretty good and the user base of players is massive. If you're an avid gamer, it's likely you've set aside a special time every day, or every week to play your favorite game(s). To launch a game on Steam, you can either launch it from it's own desktop shortcut, or you can launch Steam and then run your game. A lot of the games are played online with other players and in order to play, you have to connect to a server. Imagine, if you could launch a game and connect to a preferred server all with one desktop shortcut. It's possible and incredibly easy to set up. Here's how. Read More

Preview App Icons On Your iPhone Against Different Wallpapers

Design is huge part of any app that's developed but it's all the more important when you're making an iOS app. Apple not only  has a lot of rules in place but users of Apple products also expect a finesse when it comes to app designs. Sure you can still find apps that look like a trainwreck in the App Store but the best apps have a great design and Apple duly rewards apps like that. Good design is key to giving your app a fighting chance. One very important past of the app design is the app icon users will see on their home screen. ICNS is a newly launched iOS app that lets you upload your icons to Dropbox and then preview how they would look against different backgrounds on your iPhone. Read More

How To Natively Mount And Burn ISO Images In Windows 10

Windows 10 ISO mount
File Explorer in Windows 8 was revamped and the new look made its way to Windows 10. File Explorer got a new name; Windows Explorer and it bid farewell to the controls bar just below the address bar. The new UI features three basic ribbons that mimic the grouped controls you see in MS Office apps. The ribbon tabs have more or less the same controls you could access either from the control bar or the menus but some controls appear only when a specific type of file is selected. In Windows 7, regardless of what type of file you selected, you could always see a 'Burn' option at the top that allowed you to burn the file to a disc. With Windows 10, the option has not only migrated to a different tab, it's also only available for certain file types. It gives the impression that you can no longer burn or mount disc files in Windows 10 when in fact, you can. Here's how. Read More

How To Limit CPU Usage Of A Process In Windows

Computers are getting more and more powerful as time passes and because they can do so much more than their early predecessors, we find that programs are now more resource hungry than they used to be. It's to be expected since a powerful computer is wasted if you don't have programs that can take advantage of its capabilities. That said, sometimes a program or process consumes too much of the system's resources and there isn't much you can do to dictate how much resources are allocated to a particular process. BES, Battle Encoder Shirase is a free Windows utility that you can use to limit and monitor the CPU usage of any process. Read More

Play Music From YouTube & Soundcloud From The Title Bar In Chrome

YouTube isn't just the largest collection of videos on the internet, it's also where you can find the largest collection of music videos (artist produced and fan made). People create playlists of music on the site and it's often used to listen to music as if the service were a radio. The problem with listening to music on YouTube is that you're also streaming the video which is unnecessary load on your internet connection, and you have to keep the site open in a tab. Meet UpNext Music Player, a Chrome extension that lets you play music from both YouTube and Soundcloud from the title bar. You can search for music, create playlists, and even import them. It also features top charts of trending music from various genres that you can listen to. Read More

How To Rearrange Pinned Items On The Taskbar Jump Lists In Windows 10

Jump lists in Windows is a feature that has survived the past two versions of Windows. Microsoft knew that this one feature was much loved by its user base. Jump lists are a great way to access both your favorite and frequently used files and folders. Every program you have pinned to your taskbar, and every program that's currently running has its own jumplist ensuring that frequent and favorite files and folders remain separated by the programs they are accessed in. Windows 10 has kept jump lists unchanged for the most part but it's done away with the drag & drop feature that allowed you to rearrange items pinned to the Jumplist. Here's how you can rearrange items on a jump list in Windows 10. Read More

Set A Picture Slideshow As Your Lockscreen In Windows 10

Slideshows on the desktop have long been a part of Windows. They make for more versatile themes and they keep the desktop looking fresh. You can argue that they drag down system resources and slow down processing but the difference they make is very negligible. In Windows 10, you can select any folder full of pictures that the OS will cycle through on your desktop and this feature has been extended to the Lock Screen as well. Instead of being subject to the same image over and over when you lock your system, you can have it cycle through a personally selected folder of photos. Here's how. Read More

Fix The MSVCR120.dll Is Missing From Your Computer Error [Windows]

Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013
Missing files have often prevented the installation of many a games and programs in Windows. The missing files are often .dll files with names so vague the average user can't even begin to figure out where said file might have gone missing. A DLL file is a library file that will execute functions or it might contain certain variables or resources. Since these files are associated with the frameworks they belong to, and apps are built on certain frameworks, their absence on your system prevents an app that is dependant on a DLL file from installing or running. The fix isn't difficult; you just need to get the file back on your system. If you're getting the 'MSVCR120.dll Is Missing From Your Computer' error during installation or execution of an EXE file on Windows, here's how you can fix it. Read More

Get Aero Glass & Blur Effect In Windows 10

Microsoft is one of those companies that learn by trial & error. Its saving grace is that it listens to its users and tries to give them what they want/need. Window 8 and the debacle of the axed Start menu is one example of Microsoft killing a much loved feature much to the dismay of its users. Microsoft has been trying to change the look of Windows and in that attempt it has killed yet another much loved visual aspect of Windows i.e. the Aero theme and gaussian blur that made Windows Vista and 7 look nice. Naturally, people have been coming up with ways to bring it back and here's one very good attempt that we've tried out. Read More

Apple September 2015 Event All Device Specs & Pricing

ipad pro price
The Apple Event has just ended (just the music part left now) and that pencil got me drooling. A larger iPad has indeed been announced and it comes with lots of improvements. There's Apple TV with Siri now integrated in it. The App Store can now be accessed from Apple TV and then there's a Smart Keyboard that you can hook up to the new iPad Pro. Here's a brief look at the devices announced today complete with price and specs. Read More

How To Watch The September 2015 Apple Event Online

Apple Event September 2015
Apple September 9, 2015 event where the next iPhone and iPad models will be announced is only hours away. Apple invites the media to witness and report the event live but it also lets anyone who's interested in viewing the event and owns an Apple device to watch it live. Here's where you can watch the event live and which devices you can watch it from. Read More

5 Features To Look Forward To In iOS 9

Each successive version of iOS that's released has users asking what its defining feature will be. For a while, iOS always had a big feature that users anticipated with each new release; iMessages, Siri, Facebook integration, Third-party keyboards and widgets, etc. The bigger features get a lot of attention but come iOS 9 there are five smaller features that will have you waiting all the more impatiently for it to come out. Read More

Share Files From Dropbox, Google Drive, & OneDrive Via The iOS Keyboard

As of iOS 8, third-party keyboards can be installed on your iOS device. We've reviewed quite a few of these third party keyboards and a lot of those available in the App Store are geared towards GIFs and other texting/messaging needs. Third party keyboards aimed at productivity are some what rare compared to the more fun options. ThingThing is one such rare keyboard app that's aimed at productivity. It lets you connect your Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, the Calendar app, Instagram, Flickr, OneDrive, Google Drive, Pocket, and Wonderlist accounts all from your keyboard. You can use the app to insert photos quickly from your camera roll or from your Facebook account, and you can use it to share files from Dropbox , Google Drive, and OneDrive. Read More

What Is The $WINDOWS.~BT Folder On My Hard Drive?

$WINDOWS.~BT folder
If your C drive (or whichever drive it is you've installed Windows to) is taking up more space than it should even though you haven't installed anything new, or added any large files, you might be wondering what's going on. For anyone running Windows 7, 8/8.1/10, this sudden space consumption can be as high as 6GB and it might be attributed to a folder called $WINDOWS.~BT that exists on your drive. Here's a look at where that folder came from, why you may or may not need it, and if it's safe to remove from your system without causing any trouble. Read More

How To Change Where OneDrive Saves Files In Windows 10

OneDrive comes pre-installed on Windows 10. It won't sign you in even if your PC is linked to your Microsoft account but once you do sign in, it by default puts your OneDrive folder at the root of your User folder. OneDrive will then sync files to that folder and depending on how big and how many files you've synced, it might take up substantial space on your hard drive. If you prefer to move the files to a different drive and change where OneDrive saves files, here's how you can do just that. Read More

How To Disable Clickable Links In Notepad++

Notepad++ link
Notepad++ is an app that needs no introduction. It has a huge following for basic to intermediary editing needs. The app was updated at the end of August this year and while it came with improvements and bug fixes it also made a small not-so-great functional change. Previously, when editing an HTML document in Notepad++ you could click a URL and edit it. This was super easy and the functionality made sense because you're more likely to click a link to edit it then to open it when you're inside a text/code editor. Come version 6.8.2 and the links are now clickable. If you click inside a link, instead of being able to edit it, the link is opened. Fortunately, this new 'feature' can be disabled. Here's how. Read More

How To Rename A Bookmark In MS Word 2013

Templates and Add-ins
Microsoft Word lets you add bookmarks anywhere in a document. You can add a bookmark to a blank space or anchor it to a word or phrase. The bookmarks function as you would expect them to and allow you to quickly jump to a particular part of the document in a matter of clicks. They are particularly useful when the part of the document you want to jump to cannot be set as a heading or section. That said, the bookmark functionality in MS Word has always been rather basic; you can add and remove bookmarks, and you can of course jump straight to one but you cannot rename it. To do so, a third-party tool, i.e. an add-in is required. The add-in of choice is called Bookmark Tool. Read More