Get Aero Glass & Blur Effect In Windows 10

Microsoft is one of those companies that learn by trial & error. Its saving grace is that it listens to its users and tries to give them what they want/need. Window 8 and the debacle of the axed Start menu is one example of Microsoft killing a much loved feature much to the dismay of its users. Microsoft has been trying to change the look of Windows and in that attempt it has killed yet another much loved visual aspect of Windows i.e. the Aero theme and gaussian blur that made Windows Vista and 7 look nice. Naturally, people have been coming up with ways to bring it back and here's one very good attempt that we've tried out. Read More

Apple September 2015 Event All Device Specs & Pricing

ipad pro price
The Apple Event has just ended (just the music part left now) and that pencil got me drooling. A larger iPad has indeed been announced and it comes with lots of improvements. There's Apple TV with Siri now integrated in it. The App Store can now be accessed from Apple TV and then there's a Smart Keyboard that you can hook up to the new iPad Pro. Here's a brief look at the devices announced today complete with price and specs. Read More

How To Watch The September 2015 Apple Event Online

Apple Event September 2015
Apple September 9, 2015 event where the next iPhone and iPad models will be announced is only hours away. Apple invites the media to witness and report the event live but it also lets anyone who's interested in viewing the event and owns an Apple device to watch it live. Here's where you can watch the event live and which devices you can watch it from. Read More

5 Features To Look Forward To In iOS 9

Each successive version of iOS that's released has users asking what its defining feature will be. For a while, iOS always had a big feature that users anticipated with each new release; iMessages, Siri, Facebook integration, Third-party keyboards and widgets, etc. The bigger features get a lot of attention but come iOS 9 there are five smaller features that will have you waiting all the more impatiently for it to come out. Read More

Share Files From Dropbox, Google Drive, & OneDrive Via The iOS Keyboard

As of iOS 8, third-party keyboards can be installed on your iOS device. We've reviewed quite a few of these third party keyboards and a lot of those available in the App Store are geared towards GIFs and other texting/messaging needs. Third party keyboards aimed at productivity are some what rare compared to the more fun options. ThingThing is one such rare keyboard app that's aimed at productivity. It lets you connect your Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, the Calendar app, Instagram, Flickr, OneDrive, Google Drive, Pocket, and Wonderlist accounts all from your keyboard. You can use the app to insert photos quickly from your camera roll or from your Facebook account, and you can use it to share files from Dropbox , Google Drive, and OneDrive. Read More

What Is The $WINDOWS.~BT Folder On My Hard Drive?

$WINDOWS.~BT folder
If your C drive (or whichever drive it is you've installed Windows to) is taking up more space than it should even though you haven't installed anything new, or added any large files, you might be wondering what's going on. For anyone running Windows 7, 8/8.1/10, this sudden space consumption can be as high as 6GB and it might be attributed to a folder called $WINDOWS.~BT that exists on your drive. Here's a look at where that folder came from, why you may or may not need it, and if it's safe to remove from your system without causing any trouble. Read More

How To Change Where OneDrive Saves Files In Windows 10

OneDrive comes pre-installed on Windows 10. It won't sign you in even if your PC is linked to your Microsoft account but once you do sign in, it by default puts your OneDrive folder at the root of your User folder. OneDrive will then sync files to that folder and depending on how big and how many files you've synced, it might take up substantial space on your hard drive. If you prefer to move the files to a different drive and change where OneDrive saves files, here's how you can do just that. Read More

How To Disable Clickable Links In Notepad++

Notepad++ link
Notepad++ is an app that needs no introduction. It has a huge following for basic to intermediary editing needs. The app was updated at the end of August this year and while it came with improvements and bug fixes it also made a small not-so-great functional change. Previously, when editing an HTML document in Notepad++ you could click a URL and edit it. This was super easy and the functionality made sense because you're more likely to click a link to edit it then to open it when you're inside a text/code editor. Come version 6.8.2 and the links are now clickable. If you click inside a link, instead of being able to edit it, the link is opened. Fortunately, this new 'feature' can be disabled. Here's how. Read More

How To Rename A Bookmark In MS Word 2013

Templates and Add-ins
Microsoft Word lets you add bookmarks anywhere in a document. You can add a bookmark to a blank space or anchor it to a word or phrase. The bookmarks function as you would expect them to and allow you to quickly jump to a particular part of the document in a matter of clicks. They are particularly useful when the part of the document you want to jump to cannot be set as a heading or section. That said, the bookmark functionality in MS Word has always been rather basic; you can add and remove bookmarks, and you can of course jump straight to one but you cannot rename it. To do so, a third-party tool, i.e. an add-in is required. The add-in of choice is called Bookmark Tool. Read More

Check 2G, 3G, & 4G LTE Network Compatibility For A Phone In Any Country

Phones, particularly flagship phones, are bought and sold on carrier contracts. Some might consider these contracts to be too restricting and in the long run they can even cost you more than purchasing an unlocked phone would but there is one guarantee that comes with a contract-phone; it's going to work with the network you bought it on. For a phone that you buy off contract, you know that it supports 2G, 3G, or 4G networks but the marketing for the phone will neglect to mention network compatibility for  carriers in different countries, even in the one it is being sold in. It assumes you're going to check that on your own. Will My Phone Work is a simple and free web app that lets you check the 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE network compatibility for any phone, in any country, on any network so that you don't end up buying a phone you can't use. Read More

Manage Privacy Permissions For Websites In Firefox From The Toolbar

When you visit a website, it's almost always a given that it will save cookies to your browser. Website permissions aren't restricted to just the use of cookies. Powerful web apps and intelligent internet protocols have been developed to allow users to accomplish so much more with just their browsers. As a result of this, privacy and what information a website has access to is a growing concern. Likewise, what information is stored in your browser of choice is equally concerning because browsers today offer to save sensitive data like credit card numbers and email passwords. You can choose to allow or disallow the information to be stored and if you're a Firefox user looking for a quick way to review permission on a per-website basis, FoxyPermissions is an add-on you should try. Read More

Check Which Apps Are Draining The Most Battery In iOS 9 [iPhone Tip]

Battery drain is a common smartphone problem. We might like to pretend it's something that only plagues Android users but iPhone users have it just as bad as they do. The battery and how quickly it might drain limit how much time we can spend and duly rely on our device when we're outdoors. People do resort to back-up options like cases that can charge your phone or provide a small charge boost. One very basic way to conserve your battery's charge is to not play games when you're outside. Basic communication is a more important function that you need your phone for. The satisfaction of breaking a striped candy combo comes later. iOS 9 takes a much more proactive approach to helping you find which apps are the bigger battery drain with a dedicated feature that reports battery use on a per-app basis. Here's how you can find which apps tax your iPhone battery the most in iOS 9. Read More

How To Enable & Disable The Shadow In Windows 10

Shadow effects in operating systems exist purely for aesthetics reasons; if you do not like what you see on your screen you will not enjoy using it. The effect while minor and sometimes hard to see lends some utility as well; it makes an app window appear to float above the rest of the interface. The effect might just make the operating system look cool or it might help you tell one window apart from the other. Regardless, shadows have been used in both Windows and OS X for a while now. If you're not fond of the shadow in OS X, a Terminal command is required to disable it. In Windows 10, you need only uncheck one option in the Control Panel. Read More

How To Enable Low Power Mode To Save Battery Charge In iOS 9 [iPhone Tip]

Before smartphones were as common as they are today, feature phones reigned supreme. One exceptionally amazing thing about those feature phones was that if you were low on battery, you could turn them off and it would still sound an alarm that you had set for it. With smartphones, you can no longer do that. I remember the first time my iPhone was low on battery and all I could do to conserve it so that it would last the night was turn on Airplane mode. This meant I wouldn't be able to connect to the internet nor would I get any calls or emergency texts. With iOS 9, Apple has introduced a new Low Battery Power mode that conserves the battery but keeps radio switches on. Here's how you can enable it. Read More

Look Up The Definition For A Word In Cortana In Windows 10

Personal assistants are fast becoming a defining feature of operating systems. For smartphones and the operating systems that they run, it's always a question of what a personal digital assistant can accomplish and whether or not it's actually useful or just a gimmick. Siri is one noteworthy example of a popular digital assistant that can do one or two useful tricks but is limited in the information she proactively provides and the actions she can perform. Google Now fares better with always available traffic, weather, and sports updates. Then we have Cortana; it's not just a digital assistant for Windows Phone; it's debuted for Android and even before that it became a part of the desktop with Windows 10. Cortana can do a lot of really useful things one of which is defining a word for you. Here's how. Read More

Transfer Files And Settings From An Old PC To A New One

Moving from one PC to another, while often necessary, carries the same pain that comes from moving to a new house. There are so many things to move and you're afraid you might lose something in the process, something very important might break, or you might accidentally leave something behind and not realize it for months until you need it. With the launch of Windows 10 and it's very warm reception, Windows users have been upgrading to the new OS in droves. Many are utilizing the free upgrade and upgrading through the Media Creation Tool that Microsoft released. That said, there are also many users who will be upgrading their laptops simply because the old ones are too old and will not be compatible with the new operating system. To help ease the transition, Microsoft has partnered with LapLink to bring you their PC Mover tool for free. Here's where you can get it, and how you can use it to transfer your files and settings from an old computer to a new one. Read More

Exclude Mail Events From The Calendar App In iOS 9

The Calendar app in iOS 9 comes with two new tricks; it can tap into your Mail app and show you which events you're supposed to be attending on the Calendar itself. It can also get a traffic report and let you know when to set out for an event so that you get there on time. That said, if you aren't too excited about the changes you might be searching for an off button to these Mail app events. The Calendar app will automatically show these events if you've added an email account to the Mail app. If you find it annoying or unhelpful, there's a pretty simple way to turn it Off. Read More

50 Best Wallpapers For Windows 10

Windows 10 handles colors a whole new way compared to its predecessors and we've touched on how those limitations effect the colors we can choose for the interface, as well as which UI elements we can modify when it comes to customizing it. With limitations like that, it's rather tricky to find a good wallpaper that will suit the design, and set the right accent colors to go with it. We've compiled a list of 50 great wallpapers that pair excellently with Windows 10; you can choose to let the operating system pick an accent color to go with these wallpapers, or you can set a custom color of your own.  Read More

How To Create Checklists In The Notes App In iOS 9

In iOS 9 the Notes app gets a major overhaul; it is no longer limited to simple text or image based notes. It now features bulleted lists, headings, free hand drawing, and of course, the ability to insert a photo or take one from within the app and add it to a note. It also has another super useful new feature that is bound to encroach on the space of many popular apps; the Notes app in iOS 9 now lets you create checklists. Much like the lists you create in the Reminder app but without the stipulation to set a due date, alarm, or repeated occurrence for them, the lists are meant for the simple things you need to remember; groceries or stuff you have to pack for a trip. Here's how to make a checklist in the Notes app in iOS 9. Read More

How To Exclude Apps From Spotlight Search In iOS 9

iOS 9 is going to be released in a few months and it's coming with a lot of much anticipated features and some UI changes. One major change that you will notice right away is that Spotlight has a new place on your phone. Originally, Spotlight had its own dedicated page on the home screen that you could swipe to. Come iOS 9, it's back to having it's very own page while remaining accessible from the 'swipe down' gesture as well. More importantly, it's become far more powerful. Not only can it search the web but your apps . This may or may not be a cause for concern depending on what you've got on your apps. For the sake of speed, and because indexing unnecessary data is pointless, you might want to exclude apps that you don't want to search from Spotlight. Here's how. Read More