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Guest Locker: Restrict App Access And Device Functionality With A Special PIN [Paid]

How often do you hand your friends your phone to show them a funny picture? If you have kids, it’s likely they know what your password or PIN is. I’ve always preferred using a PIN over a password because it’s quicker to enter but obviously less secure but the fact is that regardless if you use a PIN or password anyone who is determined enough will figure it out just by watching you enter it repeatedly. Guest Locker Smart Security is an Android app worth $ 1.99 in the Google Play Store that lets you create two PINs/Passwords, each of which lock a different set of apps on your phone. Basically, you’re creating a PIN for yourself as an Admin of the device and a second PIN for a guest. You choose what files and apps the Guest account has access to. The app makes it so that a user doesn’t realize you have any extra security on your phone and thinks they have full access to everything. The app does not require root permission to run.


When you launch Guest Locker Smart Security, it asks you set up an Admin and a Guest PIN. It also has you set your own security question to help you recover the PIN should you forget it. The app connects with Google account on your device and will let you recover a forgotten PIN from it.

Guest Locker password Guest Locker guest

Once you’ve set up the PIN, you will need to grant the app various rights so that it can do its job. These rights include setting Guest Locker Smart Security as the default lock screen and app launcher for your device. It also overrides the device’s own password among other things.

Guest Locker permission Guest Locker permissions


Once all permissions have been granted and passwords/PINs have been duly set, you can move on to choosing what you want to hide. Guest Locker Smart Security lets you block calls, SMS, and MMS on the guest account. You can also hide contacts and photos, as well as apps. The app can block access to the main dialer app but for apps like Skype, you will have to hide them for the guest account if you do not want any of your calls coming through, or any calls being made from it, from the guest account.

Guest Locker apps Guest Locker hide apps

When you lock your device, you are asked to enter a PIN to unlock it. If you enter the Admin PIN, the device is unlocked with full access for you. If you enter the guest PIN, the device is unlocked with all the restrictions in place. What you end up with is a secure device that you can share with anyone. Interface wise, the app is excellent and it does indeed deliver on the promise that no one can tell if you’ve locked the device or not. The concept itself is pretty good since we use guest accounts to give restricted access to guests or kids on our desktops. There is no reason the same concept can’t work here especially considering how well this is executed.

Install Guest Locker Smart Security From The Google Play Store

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