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Car Logbook: Record Maintenance Costs & Set Reminders For Your Vehicles [Android]

Every vehicle needs maintenance, even the low maintenance ones need maintenance. Failing to properly service a car not only means you risk it failing you unexpectedly but also means you’re depreciating its value faster than normal usage would. Car Logbook is an Android app that helps you keep track of everything to do with your car. You can track fuel expenses, how much mileage you’re getting, and set reminders for routine maintenance work like changing the oil, or rotating your tyres. The app is designed to keep records of multiple vehicles so if you have more than one car in the house, like say that of an SO or a child, you can keep track of its maintenance as well.

To start using Car Logbook, open the navigation drawer and add your car first. The car isn’t added by its make and model. You can name it whatever you like and whatever helps you best identify which car you’re talking about.

After you’ve added a car, (or cars) select the one you want to make an entry for. For each car, you can make two types of entries; a fuel entry to record the current reading of the odometer and the date when you had the tank last filled up. You can record what rate the fuel was bought at and where you filled up for gas as well as the type of fuel you had filled.

Car Logbook nav Car Logbook fuel

You can also add general events such as car wash, parking, penalty, tuning, service, engine oil, transmission oil, repair, insurance, and credit. Each even is added with the date (though you can change it if you like) and these events all build toward the final report of a car that the app generates. For events that aren’t recurring or cannot be assigned to one of the categories, you can pick ‘Other’ as the category.

Car Logbook event Car Logbook

You can add notifications based on date or the reading on your odometer. Date triggered notifications will alert you on a specific date whereas the odometer triggered notifications will alert you when the mileage on your vehicle increases by a certain number of miles. Check the report and you will see a summary of your cars’ costs.

Car Logbook notification Car Logbook report

Car Logbook lets you add a custom fuel type as well as gas stations where you frequently fill up (if there is more than one) from its settings. The app doesn’t seem to sync your date to Google Drive or Dropbox nor does it have any options for exporting it but it’s a pretty simple way to keep track of car costs. The interface isn’t amazing but it’s neat and intuitive enough for anyone to use easily.

Install Car Logbook From The Google Play Store


  1. It’s a descent app and has much potential but doesn’t seem to be US friendly in its measurements, Im not sure what these gas (petrol) types are either.

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