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Dynamic Periodic Table Is An Interactive Tool For Chemistry Enthusiasts [Web]

Breaking Bad made chemistry cool in a way. We’re not endorsing drug use or violence but the show made chemistry seem like an interesting subject. If your interest lasted past the first few classes where you didn’t immediately learn how to cook drugs, then you might like Dynamic Periodic Table. It’s a simple little web app that can be a great learning tool for chemistry enthusiasts. The app is an interactive periodic table of elements where you can select one or more elements to view a list of all compounds that are formed from the two or three elements, you can view isotopes of an element, and also a list of its basic properties.

The web app is really a great tool that covers all the bases. You can view the naturally occurring state of an element, it’s weight and full name on the table itself. You can additionally enable viewing how many electrons an element has and view the table in a wide layout. If you click the ‘Properties’ tab, the table is color coded according to the properties of the elements, e.g. all metals appear in black.

Dynamic Periodic Table properties


Click on an element and you can view its Wikipedia article on the same page. Click any two or more elements and a list of all compounds composed by those elements alone will be listed. You can switch to the Compounds tab to group the elements by the type of characteristics their electron layout gives them e.g. alkali metals are highlighted as one.

Dynamic Periodic Table


The app has a whole set of other smaller features that you’ll learn to appreciate as you explore the app. Dynamic Periodic Table will give you plenty of information about a single element including the number of electrons in its outer most orbit, the temperature that its various states exist in etc. The Orbitals tab on the web app will group the elements into one of the four S, P, D, F groups of elements. Overall, it’s a great reference and learning tool. The web app has ads but they are unobtrusive. The app’s UI isn’t the greatest and does look cluttered enough to discourage you from using it but it’s worth a try.

Visist Dynamic Periodic Table 

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