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How To Configure GMail Account With Microsoft Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook is the most powerful and intuitive e-mail client software. Microsoft’s Outlook 2010 provides  a very rich set of e-mail management tools to help you better manage your emails with a cool user interface. If you have a GMail account, then configuring the account with Microsoft Outlook 2010 is a piece-of-cake.

First of all launch MS Outlook 2010 and click the office button which is located in the left most corner, now under the Info category you will be able to see the Account Settings option, click the drop down button and choose Add Account as shown in following screenshot.


In the next step, select Email Account, enter Your Name, Email Address, and Password and click Next.


Now sit back and relax, Outlook 2010 will do the rest for you, it will establish connection to the relevant network, search for GMail server settings and log you on to the server automatically.


It will take a couple of minutes to complete the required configuration.


Click Finish and thats all, it will take some time to download your emails.


Now use all the enhanced features of Outlook 2010 to manage your GMail inbox. Enjoy!

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  • brian

    how/where did you get a copy of office 2010?

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  • Account settings is residing in a very mysterious place 🙂 thanks you for guiding me!

  • Amit

    Thanks Buddy ………………. Its really helpful for guys like me for instant understanding

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  • Ahmad

    But what about the pop account

  • Anil yadav

    u can get the original copy from torrentz, i have used and its working fine.

  • Something odd with POP3 accounts seems to be going on. Configration settings in Outlook 2007 not working in 2010. First account (Sympatico) works fine but three subsequent accounts (for my website) not working. ???

  • Office 2010

    It’s useful for me.Thank you.

  • Kim

    Recently I have been receiving a strange error message in outlook 2010 for my email. I forward the email from my AOL account to OUTLOOK. The message reads as follows: “IMAP server wants to alert you to the following 905 (1032) that mail is currently not available”. Then I deleted the account and tried to set it up again. I have not been able to set it up. I am using imap settings that I got off the internet. Should I use POP3 instead. Does anyone have any idea how to accomplish this?

  • Self Sagacity

    I have been like a blind bat with the new Window 7 and MS Outlook 2010, so thanks for the plain sight, and easy directions, it saved me a lot of frustrations. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. 🙂

  • Jaremi

    i also couldn’t configure my outlook for for the POP3 and found this useful video on youtube:
    you have a link there to the free application that configures your Outlook for POP3/IMAP automatically with no issues! hope it helps 🙂

  • Bennie Osborne

    I have Office 2010 nad is trying to use my gmail account to set up, but i receive the following message: “‘Cannot display the folder. The foldr (GMAIL) cannot display items. This is most likely a limitation on your IMAP server.” How do I correct it? Please send answer to my emil as I acces it by phone.

  • azamcse


  • Mike
  • Chris Rubeo

    How do you transfer all your gmails into Outlook 2007? I had to reinstall outlook and I want to get all the old gmail into outlook. Thanks!

  • Izzy

    if anyone wants the full version I got an extra key for Microsoft office professional 2010
    send me an email at gvusser@gmail.com

  • Laurence Towell

    I would like to have a free trial.

  • Laurence Towell

    it looks good. I may like to try it

  • oxstyle
  • Rajat

    Very Helpful Tip To Configure GMail Account With Microsoft Outlook 2010

  • santo

    yo…. I was trying to do this is so different ways and nothing…finally thanks to your post it works, it was so easy….. you had right just seat and relax…thanks…. 🙂

  • Amy


  • Tim

    Thanks for this walkthrough! very helpful!

  • marc

    I followed exactly the directions on How To Configure GMail Account With Microsoft Outlook 2010 – everything matches until I click FINISH and an error message from Microsoft Outlook pops up and indicates, “The requested operation failed”. HELP

  • selva

    thank you so much for your information its use full

  • Guest

    Okay, is this a beta of office or something?

  • Jdbarnes61

    Is anyone having problems setting up Outlook with their Yahoo email account?

  • Param Mohite

    Its very good and useull , I’ve just setup my account within 5 minutes very easily

    • Paam Mohite

      on the Thepairatbya  side

    • Paam Mohite

      on the Thepairatbya  side

  • Moreno

    Hi, I did  create the IMAP acct  but  it doesn’t  import/sync the agenda or contact persons… idea’s.? 

  • Alauman

    I am getting an error message saying “an encrypted connection is not available to your mail server. Click next to try an unencrypted connection. Which I do and then it doesn’t work.

    This problem start happening when I verified my gmail account through my cell phone. Now my outlook won’t connect with my gmail.

  • Veejachi

    Thanks a lot guys

  • Himadripaul 31

    I have followed the procedure… but it is not working for me… I have enabled IMAP from gmail settings… But it is failed to connect with IMAP… Please help me…

  • Many thanks for the solution

    Great stuff here

  • Nice work guys – I’ve stumbled on your site now a couple of times for various items – nice structure and set up as well.

  • Lori

    I have Outlook 2010 at work that reads in my gmail account. I also can access my gmail from my android phone. Whenever I send an email from my phone, it appears in the gmail interface but not in the Outlook interface. Does anyone have a solution?

  • i have a problem with my gmail. when try to make pop conection with outlook 2010 then it does not recognise my password!!! its getting crazy, why, enybody can help on this?

  • i have anabled the pop in my gmail and disabled my imap

  • nseetech@gmail.com

    very simple and good. Great.

  • Raj

    Hi, I am not able to configure my gmail in Microsoft outlook. The error msge coming as Log onto incoming mail server (POP3): The operation timed out waiting for a response from the receiving (POP) server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP). and Send test e-mail message: Cannot send the message. Verify the e-mail address in your account properties. The server responded: 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. nk3sm6535605pbc.27

    how to overcome this

  • Diwaker gupta


  • Narasimha

    thank you..

  • Tim Hensel

    I am starting a new account on outlook 2010 and have followed all instructions for this, but outlook will not open, instead a box appears saying connection to outlook exchange unavailable and that Im not connected to internet (which I am), when I click OK on this another box opens up with Microsoft exchange server field and mailbox field and option to change and apply new fields. I would like to restart outlook setup but dont see an otion to do this anywhere

  • Cordovalady

    I’m having problems getting Outlook to work with bellsouth.net and att.net email addresses. It works for awhile and then stops working. I’ve tried resetting incoming and outging mail servers and now nothing is working. What is the problem with Outlook and att/yahoo email?

  • cdsquared

    Thanks for the help! I have one question though. It was downloading all 30,000 emails from my gmail account, so I quit it as I don’t need all 30,000 emails in my outlook. so is there anyway to prevent this if I should try it again?


  • Why i can not do it ??? Help me!!!!

    • Farhan

      I have the same Problem, Is there’s someone to tell about it’s soloution.

  • CardiacKid

    Once I went a step forward in the process and changed POP3 to IMAP, my gmail accounts linked in and processed immediately. Thanks

  • Rouzbeh

    Thanks 🙂

  • Nishant Singh

    Hello freinds I’ll try all the methods to connect my gmail to outlook but it was not connecting any one pls help me

  • kcobley


  • Simply_Sis

    This didn’t work for me, it is making me manually input the information which I do not know. Incoming mail server? Outgoing mail server?