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Wrap Mouse Pointer Around The Screen In Windows With Edgeless 2

Yesterday we covered a nice little tool for Mac, called Wraparound, which wraps mouse movements around the screen in horizontal and vertical direction to not only access items quickly from either sides but also to move application quickly without having to drag from one edge to another. If you want its variant for Windows OS, try Edgeless 2.

Edgeless 2 is a small application with limited set of features. It wraps mouse movements in either horizontal, vertical or in both directions. Sadly, you can’t enable/disable each edge or side of the screen. So when Horizontal option is enabled, you will see mouse pointer at right side when it passes through left side of the screen and similar is the case with right side of the screen. The Vertical option works in exactly same manner. When you move mouse pointer over the system bar in vertical direction, you will see it at the top of the screen.

Just like Wraparound for Mac, it sits in system tray, letting you enable any of the provided options. Edgeless 2 doesn’t come with a configuration console; you can only enable run with Windows log-on option.


Before you enable mouse wraparound option, go through help manual which elaborates all provided functions with respective mouse movements. The All option in Wrap Options menu enables both horizontal and vertical wraparounds. Edgeless is also capable of supporting 2 monitors simultaneously. It works on all versions of Windows.

Download Edgeless 2 (8th tool from top)

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