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How To Fix “Device Is Not Certified By Google” Error On Android

Google requires all Android devices to comply with and meet the requirements outlined in the Compatibility Definition Document in order for the device to ship with Google’s stock apps which include the Play Store app. Devices that don’t meet these requirements are, as far as Google is concerned, not secure. Users of these devices can of course still get apps by downloading the APK from the Google Play Store sideloading them  but you won’t be able to sign into the app. This is because Google is now taking steps to block uncertified devices. It’s a result of this that users are seeing the “Device Is Not Certified By Google” error. This is pretty easy to fix thanks to a solution by XDA developers.

Check Device Certification

If you get the “Device Is Not Certified By Google” error on your device, it’s safe to say that you have an uncertified device. If, by some miracle, you didn’t see this error during device setup, you might not see it but it may be the underlying cause to why you cannot install apps from the Play Store, or sign in with your Google account.

To check your device’s certification status, sideload and install the Google Play Store app (if you don’t already have it on your device). You won’t be able to sign in but tap the hamburger icon at the top left, scroll down the navigation drawer, and tap Settings. Scroll to the very bottom of the Settings screen where you will see a ‘Device Certification’ field.

Fix “Device Is Not Certified By Google”

The Google Play Store app looks for an ID called the GSF Device-ID. On an uncertified device, it can’t find this ID and it blocks app downloads and Google sign in. To get around the “Device Is Not Certified By Google” error, you need to find the GSF Device-ID using an app called Device ID. Sideload this app by downloading its APK, copying it to your device’s storage, and installing it from there.

Copy the GSF Device-ID and convert it to from hexadecimal to decimal using this app. Copy the converted ID.

Next, visit Google’s Device Registration page, and paste the ID you copied here and click Register.

This should fix the “Device Is Not Certified By Google” error on your device for most devices but there are bound to be exceptions in which case you’re going to have to live with sideloading apps instead of getting them from the Play Store.

We should mention that just because you’ve registered your device with Google, it doesn’t automatically mean your device meets the manufacturer requirements that Google had for your device. It is still not as secure as a certified device. This only works so far as to fix the “Device Is Not Certified By Google” error and nothing beyond that.

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