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How to Cut Down Trees in Animal Crossing: Steps and Things to Consider

If you’ve played Animal Crossing long enough, a time will come when you must chop down trees. Whether you want to collect supplies to build a house, clear a path, or even get fruits out of reach, cutting down trees is a basic skill in Animal Crossing.

Luckily, it is straightforward and doesn’t require advanced skills or tools. The steps below show you how to cut down trees in Animal Crossing.


How to cut down trees in Animal Crossing

Equip your axe

As you already know, it is impossible to cut down trees with your bare hands; axe is the right tool for this. 

But, despite that, you cannot use just any type of axe. 

To save you time, and momentary embarrassment, be sure to equip the Stone Axe or Golden Axe. These are stronger than the basic axe and will take down any type of tree. 

Strike the tree

Now that you’ve equipped the right tool for the job, it’s time for some action. Approach the tree and position yourself so that you’re facing the tree. 

Press A to strike the axe against the tree. You should press it three times rapidly to deliver the maximum damage. 

The three will fall after the third strike, leaving a stump behind. You do not have to worry about the stump because it will never grow back into a tree. 

Remove the stump

Tree stumps are nice to have as a makeshift sit or to bait bugs. Otherwise, you want to remove them to clear the space. 

To do that, equip a shovel– preferably an upgraded version as the flimsy shovel is not strong enough for removing stumps. 

Standing next to the stump, press A to dig out the stump. You should get this right in one try. Once the stump is out, it leaves a hole behind. You don’t want that-Press Y to cover the hole with dirt

And that’s how to cut trees in three simple steps.

But there’s more- having the sharpest and strongest axe is not enough to guarantee that you can chop down trees.

You also need to consume fruits for energy before you can cut a tree.

Yes! Cutting trees consume a lot of your player’s energy and they simply cannot do it with the base stamina. That is why it is ideal to eat some fruits beforehand. 

Berries, for example, will return one stamina bar for each one you eat. If you’ve got a lot of trees to chop, you can fill up the stamina bar with ten fruits.

However, you must take note of two important things before cutting down trees

Firstly, consider the number of trees you want to cut at a go. It typically takes 24 hours to regenerate a tree on your Island. Cutting down ten, however, takes ten days to grow back. 

Seeing the importance of having trees on your Island, it is best only to cut one tree a day. 

Secondly, watch out for wasps. Equip your next and press A to shake a tree before cutting it. If there are wasps on the tree, they will spread out, and you can catch them in your net. That way, you know it is safe to cut down the tree.

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