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3 Reasons To Use Live Video Broadcasting App Periscope

You’ve no doubt heard of Periscope, the new live broadcast app launched by Twitter and set to rival Meerkat. With that assumption, it seems to limit the app’s use to people who game or are interested in gaming. While they can get some use out of it if they like, the app is so much more than that. After using it for barely half a day, I’m hooked. The app is meant for live streaming but connecting it to Twitter’s large user base opens up a whole new way to interact with people and to get information. Here’s three great ways the app is being used now making it worth joining.

Live News Broadcasts

No doubt you’ve heard of the tragic fire in New York yesterday. Users of Periscope were able to view a live stream of the event not from news outlets but from random people who happened to be on the scene via this app. It’s a new tool that allows just about anyone to broadcast to the world and contribute news where traditional news outlets fail. Kind of like Twitter, only it’s video.

A New Way To Interact

If you’re wondering who is broadcasting on Periscope, add names like Mashable and Commander Chris Hadfield to the list. If you follow them on Twitter, you can choose to automatically receive an alert when they (or anyone else you follow) begins to broadcast on Periscope. It just so happens that the Commander was broadcasting today from a recording studio. The music/album is going to be released in August of this year. Those viewing the broadcast reminded the Commander to rotate his phone. He was able to answer questions live as people typed them and also rotated his phone so everyone could get a better view. It was short and absolutely amazing to watch.


Campaigns And Promotions

With everything social, Periscope is yet another great way for companies to promote their brands and push campaigns. If you thought Twitter campaigns could get insane, Periscope is going to to show you what it means to be insane. It’s the perfect way for brands to push a live broadcast. Take for example a popular show is on-air. It’s time for commercials. You can view the commercials on your TV, or a brand can push a notification to let you know it’s broadcasting and you can switch over to them.

What’s more, if you’ve used the app you may know that tapping on your screen while viewing the broadcast causes little hearts to appear on the stream. I’m willing to bet my good kidney that this will be used to measure user response and engagement with content and can go on to become part of a stats feature. It’s also a great way to beta-test campaigns. The possibilities are limitless.

Are you using Periscope and have you found a great stream to view yet? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Mark Shaw

    Some great examples.. I have been using Periscope for the last 7 days.. I have seen some excellent uses of Periscope these include: behind the scenes of tv and radio stations, behind the scenes of sporting matches / arenas.. churches streaming sermons, Football clubs streaming pre match interviews, training sessions, I have seen the White house briefing, political discussions, people making things, people answering stuff, brands interviewing their stars and celebs.. to name just a few… its a rapidly changing landscape..and very exciting..

    I am @markshaw on Periscope..


    Mark Shaw