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5 Features To Look Forward To In iOS 9

Each successive version of iOS that’s released has users asking what its defining feature will be. For a while, iOS always had a big feature that users anticipated with each new release; iMessages, Siri, Facebook integration, Third-party keyboards and widgets, etc. The bigger features get a lot of attention but come iOS 9 there are five smaller features that will have you waiting all the more impatiently for it to come out.

Improved Multitasking

If you use Gmail and Chrome, or Facebook and Facebook Messenger, you have probably noticed how very easy it is to switch between these two apps. If you tap a link in Gmail, it will open it in Chrome and inside Chrome, you can tap the Gmail button to switch back to the Gmail app.

Likewise, if you launch Facebook Messenger from inside the Facebook app, you can tap the ‘Facebook’ button inside Facebook Messenger to return to the Facebook app. Imagine this working between all apps.

In iOS 9 if you’re using an app, let’s say Twitter, and you get a text message alert you can tap the alert to go to the Messages app. When you’re done replying to the text message, you will see a ‘Return to Twitter’ option at the very top of the Messages app that you can tap to return to the previous app you were using. You have to try it out to see just how convenient it is.

ios9-phone 1os9-multitasking

Notifications Sorted Chronologically

Notifications are grouped by apps at present. This means you can’t see notifications as they arrived i.e. they are not in chronological order. Come iOS 9 the notifications are no longer grouped by app. If you received an email, a Candy Crush request, and then a text message, you will those notifications in that order instead of all mail notifications appearing in a long list above the list of Candy Crush notifications.

ios9-notifications-sort  ios9-notifications

Low Power Mode

We’ve written about how you can activate the Low Power Mode in iOS 9. The Low Power mode saves your device’s battery and you can enable it whenever you want. When you’re prompted that your battery is low at 20% and 10%, the alert allows you to turn low power mode on directly from it. You can even tell Siri to turn Low Power mode on.

ios9-low-battery low-battery-mode-ios9

Per-App Battery Usage Stats

Come iOS 9, you will get to take a detailed look at which apps consume the most battery on your device. Battery usage is available for both the last 24 hours, and the last 7 days. You can view how much battery an app consumes when it’s being actively used and how much battery it consumes when it is running in the background. Checking these stats out is super easy.

ios9-battery-usage io9-battery-usage1

Content Blockers In Safari

The mobile web is still evolving; how users are presented with ads, or even harmless prompts still needs to be refined. In the meantime, you have a lot of websites that try and take advantage of mobile users by showing them delayed ads and running scripts that will open new tabs. Come iOS 9, if you use Safari you will be able to install apps that can work with its content blocking feature and get a much better browsing experience.


What iOS 9 feature are you most looking forward to?


  1. So basically things that have been in Windows Phone and Android for years now.

    And these are the great tech innovators of our time? More myth than fact.

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