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A Cheat Sheet For Video Editing Apps For Your iPhone

iOS has been around long enough for plenty of great apps to have been developed for just about everything. Whenever I want to do something new, something that I’ve never done on my iPhone before, I have to first search for the right app. Unfortunately, the search for the right app, the one that does what I want it to, is often frustrating. It involves lots of trial and error simply because I don’t know if an app will do what I want it to and what limitations it has. With that in mind, this guide is a quick cheat sheet of apps that let you edit videos. Instead of organizing the guide by apps, it’s been organized by function so that you can tell what is the go-to free app you can use to perform a particular editing action on a video. The apps work entirely on your iPhone with no need to connect to a PC or a Mac. None of these apps leave a watermark of any kind.

Basic Requirements: iPhone running iOS 8

Jailbreak: Does not matter

Apps Featured In This Guide:

Trimming A Video’s Length

You don’t need a third-party app to trim a video’s length. The native Photos app can do this though you might go looking for a third party app for other reasons. Play a video and tap the seek bar at the top. Pinch to increase and decrease the length of the clip and tap Trim. You can save it so that it overwrites the original or save it as a different clip.

photos_video photos_trim_video

Alternative apps that can be used are iMovie which will let you split a movie and add clips from other movies. Select a clip and drag the handle at the start to trim it.

imovie_split imovie_trim

For some users, iMovie is an app that might need to be purchased so an alternative app that is free and somewhat as powerful when it comes to trimming is Video Trim & Cut. The app lets you save the video as either an MP4 or MOV file, and also choose the output quality.

trim_cut_select trim_cut

Merge Two Clips

If you’ve got iMovie this isn’t going to be difficult since the app is pretty much a complete video editing suit but for those who need a free and simpler solution, try Video+Merger. The only downside to the app is that it compresses the video. The quality isn’t terrible but it isn’t as great as it could be if the video were not compressed. There are also ads but they are not very intrusive. Simply add the clips you want to add select the orientation for the final video and tap Merge.

video_merger video_merger_orientation

Add Or Remove Audio

AddAudio lets you add an audio file from your iTunes library and also mute the sound or noise in your video. You can bring the volume of the original video down to zero and skip adding any other music. Any music you do add, you can control its volume and you can add multiple tracks to create a mix.

add_audio add_audio_

Add Text On A Video

Over is a popular app for adding text to photos but we actually had to search around a bit before we found something similar for videos. It had to be free of course so that made the search slightly difficult but we found TextOnVideo. It’s a free app with six free fonts, the ability to choose the font size, font color, and add a color highlight. The app also features ads, and compresses a video when you import it. It does however do the trick and very well.

textonvideo_font textOnVideo

There are lots of video editing apps out there that let you edit one aspect of a video for free. If you want a more comprehensive all-in-one solution, iMovies isn’t too bad at $3.99. There are also plenty of other video editing apps that will do a lot more than these smaller single-feature oriented ones but they will cost you. You have to choose between how easy an app is to use and how much money you want to spend.


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