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Timeful: A Smart Task Scheduler That Syncs With iCal & Google Calendar [iOS]

Reminders and to-do lists are what we turn to so we want to keep a tab on things that need to get done. Timeful is a free iOS app that is a to-do list crossed with a scheduler. It helps you remember important things you want to do but also lets you record repetitive tasks and find the time to do them daily. In short, it is not your average list or note taking app, nor is it a reminder app. It’s more of a task planner where you add things you need to get done and then fit it into time slots on a calendar.

You will need to create an account to start using the app. Sync it with your calendar and then pick one habit and a task to get started. You can edit the task or habit later.

Timeful sync Timeful pick habits

You will switch to the app’s built-in calendar. The tasks and habits that you add will appear at the top of the screen and you can drag & drop them on to your preferred time slot. To add a new task, tap the plus button at the bottom of the calendar. To view and edit current to-dos and habits, tab the check mark. Habits and to-dos are sorted separately.

Timeful today Timeful to-dos


Tap one to fit it into the day’s schedule and to edit it. You can change how frequently a habit is to be done and schedule a session of it that very day, the next day, or on a specific date.

Timeful edit habit Timeful find time


Adding a new habit or to-do item is simple enough. Tap the plus button and select whether you’re adding a to-do item or a habit. Select a color for it. Each color represents the nature of the task. The default blue represents personal things, green is for work, and red is for important things. The items appear in this color so that when you look at your calendar, you know which important tasks you have coming up and whether they are personal or work related. You can filter which tasks you see by revisiting the task list (tap the check mark) and then tapping the calendar button at the top right. The filters let you decide which tasks are shown on the calendar.

Timeful new Timeful filter

Last but not least, the app’s settings that let you pick the most productive time of the day for you. What time you sleep and which are your working days and hours. The app uses all this information for suggesting when you should do a certain task. You can manually set the task or habit time but the beauty of TimeFul is that it does this for you. Yo can manage how often it suggests something for you to do. The app syncs with Google Calendar and iCal.

Timeful settings2 Timeful settings

The app is very well done and we’re a little more than surprised that it is both free and has no ads.

Install TimeFul From The App Store

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