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Abstergo Lets You Clear Individual iOS Notifications Or Turn Them Into Reminders

It’s been around for more than a year, but some of you might still be using Lorem – the Cydia tweak that lets iOS users clear a single notification from a group within the Notification Center. A lot of tweaks dealing with notifications have been released since Lorem, and Abstergo combines the features offered by these newer ones with the functionality offered by Lorem. With Abstergo, you can get Remind Me Later options for any notification (just like with AnyReminder), and the tweak is also capable of letting you clear notifications from the lock screen or the NC just the way you want. You can use Abstergo to clear all notifications with one gesture, create reminders out of notifications without even unlocking your device, and convert texts into reminders from the stock Messages app.

Abstergo iOS Reminder Clear Abstergo iOS SMS

The Abstergo clearing gesture works on both the lock screen and the Notification Center. To see it in action, just swipe across a notification entry; you will see a red ‘Clear’ button that can be used to dismiss the individual notification in a particular category while keeping the rest of them in place, unlike the default behavior of the cross icon in the NC that clears all the notifications belonging to a particular app. Another clearing gesture supported by the tweak is downwards swipe on the lock screen. The resulting ‘Clear Notifications’ button is capable of dismissing all pending notifications from different apps in one go.

Apart from offering you more control over your notifications, Abstergo is pretty great if you want to delay acting on a notification for some time. Other than notifications, the tweak is even compatible with the stock Messages app and adds a ‘Remind’ option to the action menu of texts within any conversation thread. Through this new option, users get to make Abstergo push any SMS as a reminder notification at a later time.

Abstergo iOS Reminder Presets Abstergo iOS Time

Abstergo can come handy for converting pending or incoming notifications into reminders as well – simply long-press a banner or a notification on the lock screen or within the Notification Center, and the ‘Remind me in…’ menu shows up. You can configure Abstergo to repeat the notification after a few minutes, or choose a specific time and day by opting for the ‘On a day…’ option. For the duration you choose, the notification remains pinned to the NC, but you can clear it (along with the associated reminder) by tapping the cross icon and then confirming your selection.

Abstergo is only compatible with iOS 6 and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store for $1.99, which doesn’t sound much considering it’s a useful and unobtrusive tweak that only comes into action when you want it.

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