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ActIf: Add Conditional (IF) Actions To Activator On Jailbroken iPhone/iPad [Cydia]

For a smartphone to be truly “smart”, I believe it’s essential that the device fully understands what you want it to do and when, and the how as well. Granted that a smartphone’s capabilities far extend beyond those that a regular mobile device would have on offer, but the real beauty of the concept begins when the phone begins acting on actions that you want it to execute without manual initiation depending on conditions and environment. A number of apps have popped up that bring something similar, with the most notable of them being the cross-platform IFTTT service. Then, for Android phones, there’s Tasker, which can practically automate any and all areas of your phone or tablet. For iOS, a similar, and probably the best ever, has been Activator, which allows execution of actions based on certain conditions being met. Now, a new tweak has surfaced for jailbroken iDevices that adds conditional (IF) statements to Activator. This tweak goes by name of ActIf, and we’ll take a closer look at this one today.

ActIf_Cydia_iOS (4)

The thing with Activator on its own is the limitation that although it can perform certain actions automatically, it cannot add reasoning to those. Let’s consider an example: you can set up activator to automatically turn off mobile data when the device is connected to a WiFi network, but you cannot make it do the same when connected to a specific network. In effect, the setting works for ALL WiFi networks by default, but not for just a specific one. That’s where ActIf comes in.This tweak adds this missing “conditional functionality” to Activator and will make the device look at the SSID for the network that it’s connected to before executing the specified action.

ActIf_Cydia_iOS (1) ActIf_Cydia_iOS (2)

As of now, ActIf supports a set of actions, including connection to a specific WiFi SSID, specific Bluetooth device, whether music is playing or not, whether device is connected to power source or not, or if a specific app is open. The tweak adds its own settings to the Extensions panel in the native iOS Settings app, where you can specify the conditional parameters associated with the supported checks, while the actions themselves will have to be set through Activator’s settings, where a new panel gets added for ActIf actions. The good thing is, ActIf supports three possible settings for each conditional parameter, giving you flexibility for configuring multiple options for the same condition.

ActIf_Cydia_iOS (3)

Tweaks like ActIf are rare even in the jailbreak scenario, and rather difficult to get a full hold of, but the flexibility and freedom that they promise makes the effort worth it. ActIf is available via the BigBoss repository in Cydia for free, and supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, including the 64-bit architecture of iPad Air and iPhone 5s. If you use Activator, this tweak is a must have.


  1. Hello, I’m having trouble configure it to do exactly as you say.
    I want to open an app when connected to a specific wifi network. Can you guide me step by step? Do I need to open actif in settings and type the ssid in “connected to”? I tried going first through activator and then through actif but nothing works!

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