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Add A Feature-Rich File Downloader To Google Chrome For iOS

When the Chrome Download Manager tweak was released last year, a lot of people thought that a better alternative will soon make its way to the Cydia store, but even after all that time, we are still looking for the perfect downloader that works with Google Chrome for iOS. As it has been around for longer, Safari has some pretty decent download managers, like Safari Download Enabler. Chrome Downloader is the latest download manager to come out for Google’s iOS web browser. It has seamlessly integrates with the web browser much like the aforementioned Safari DE and supports just about any file format that you have ever heard of. Even if you find a file that isn’t compatible with the tweak, you can remedy that by manually configuring Chrome Downloader to always start a download session when a particular type of link is tapped within Chrome.

Chrome Downloader iOS Settings Chrome Downloader iOS File Types

Although Chrome Downloader adds a new option of its own to the browser, you can tinker with its basic properties by heading to the tweak’s Settings app menu. A staggering number of file formats are supported by the tweak, and as soon as you tap a link pointing to any of these files, Chrome Downloader takes over. If you think this automation is a bit annoying, simply disable the formats you use most frequently. At the other end of the spectrum, more formats can be added to the mix by using the ‘Add New File Type’ option. Within this section, you have to define the target format’s extension name, MIME types and a display name for the entry.

Chrome Downloader iOS Option Chrome Downloader iOS Download Page Chrome Downloader iOS

To see Chrome Downloader in action, launch the Google Chrome app on your iPhone. The new ‘Download Manager’ option is added to the top of the browser’s main menu. There are two ways of initiating a download using the tweak. You can either long-press any link and then choose the ‘Download File’ option from the resulting menu, or let Chrome Downloader figure by itself that the link you last tapped belongs to a compatible file format. In both cases, it is possible to rename the file, change its destination, or simply view it in another app. The main screen of the tweak shows a download percentage, the size of data you have downloaded, and the speed at which your data connection is working. Chrome Downloader places a badge on the menu icon to represent ongoing downloads. If you put Chrome into the background during a session, the tweak sends a notification upon the completion of every download.

The files downloaded via Chrome Downloader can be opened with iFile, Dropbox or other similar apps. The tweak works even in the browser’s incognito mode, and allows users to change the primary location of their downloads. All these features will cost you $1.50, so get it from Cydia Store if you are an avid user of Chrome for iOS.

Update: The tweak now has a pro version that goes by the name of Chrome Downloader Plus. It offers a YouTube downloader (including a video grabber) and integration with Chrome for desktop. If you own Chrome Downloader, the pro version can be downloaded for $1.5, otherwise the price is $3.

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