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Add Activator Gestures For Music App With A Cydia Tweak [Jailbreak]

If you use the native iOS Music App and would like faster access to actions such as adding a song to your favorites, toggling the repeat song options, toggling the shuffle option, and more then Controls for Music App is a free Cydia tweak available in the BigBoss repository Is for you. It lets you associate an Activator gesture for toggling Shuffle, toggling repeat, to let iTunes Radio know that it should play more songs like the current one, to never play a song again, and to add it to your iTunes wish list. Needless to say you must have Activator installed to use Controls for Music App. Install Controls for Music App and then head over to the Settings app to manage the gestures and actions. music app install settings

The tweak does not have any default associations for each of the actions it can perform so enabling it takes more than just flipping a switch. You have to select an Activator gesture for the actions. Any action that you do not select a gesture for will remain inactive which means you don’t have to enable ones that you do not intend to use. Tap the action you want to enable and select a gesture for them.

controls for music app music app set control

The Play More Like This, Never Play This Track, and Add to iTunes Wish List are all for iTunes Radio with Toggle Shuffle and Toggle Repeat meant for the music in your library. The tweak works just fine though you don’t get a notification of any sort to know if your gesture was recognized and executed correctly. The Toggle Repeat action doesn’t just toggle repeat on and off for the current song; it cycles through all three repeat options that the Music app supports. The Shuffle option of course just turns on or off since that’s all the app itself offers. Controls for Music App is worth having for anyone who listens to iTunes Radio or uses the default app but doesn’t like returning to it to use these features. While I like the tweak for what it does, and does well, I feel some jailbreakers might have wanted support for common actions as well. Imagine being able to pause music by vigorously shaking your iPhone or just by tapping the screen.

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