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Add Download, Share & Other Options To Instagram For iOS With Instahancer

Instagram might be among the most popular iOS apps to ever exist, but it is far from perfect. Although the app receives updates pretty regularly, there are still some missing features and other stuff that forces users to go to the service’s web version. The iPhone client is perfect for sharing and browsing photos, but there is no way of saving images directly to your device from your Instagram feed. You can’t zoom into photos either, which can be pretty annoying for images that have a high level of detail. Instahancer is a Cydia tweak that supplies the official Instagram app with some potent steroids. Thanks to this tweak, the app gains options for saving photos, sharing them via email or copying their links to clipboard. It is also possible to open images in a new, zoomable view.

Instahancer iOS Options Instahancer iOS Drafts Instahancer iOS Zoom

Instahancer works so well with Instagram that you might forget you are using options added by a tweak, and not an official update of the app. The options added to Instagram integrate pretty nicely with everything, and even the interface of the new menu matches that of existing areas of the app. To bring up this new options list, long-press any photo within Instagram. The menu consists of the following features.

  • Save: Downloads the image to your camera roll. If you want to store these photos to a separate album, head to the stock Settings app and toggle on the ‘Custom Album’ option.
  • Attach to Email: This option is supposed to compose a new email message with the chosen photo as attachment, but for some reason it didn’t work for us.
  • Copy: Lets you copy the entire image or just its link to the clipboard.
  • Zoom: Opens the picture in a plain, new screen where you can zoom into it using the pinch-to-zoom gesture.

You can choose to customize the Instahancer menu by toggling off any unwanted options from the tweak’s menu.

Instahancer iOS Refresh Instahancer iOS Settings

There is more to Instahancer than a single menu; for the occasions when you decide to refrain from sharing a photo after preparing its post, the tweak offers the option to save the image’s caption as a draft for later use. If you are on iOS 6, the tweak adds the pull-to-refresh feature to the comments section of all photos as well.

If you are confused about any of the features offered by Instahancer, head over to the tweak’s menu and read the descriptions provided below the options. You can grab Instahancer for $0.99 by heading to the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store. The investment is totally worth it, even if you are not more than a casual Instagram user.

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