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Add A “Flash” To iPhone Front-Facing Camera With FrontFlash

Rumors about iOS 7 and the next iPhone are pretty abundant these days. Of all the wild ideas that have been thrown around the blogosphere, one that has particularly appealed to me is the possibility that the next iDevice might have a dedicated notification LED on its front. The mention of an LED on the device’s front also brings to mind the idea of having an LED flash for the front-facing camera under low light conditions. For now, there are no mainstream smartphones that come with a front-facing camera flash. App developers are clever folk though, and they usually come up with ways to overcome any obstacle. Last November, Camera+ introduced a neat way of adding a sort of flash to the front-facing camera. It has taken some time, but a developer has finally thought of adding a similar feature to the stock Camera app. As you might have guessed, we are talking about a Cydia tweak. FrontFlash increases the screen brightness and turns the screen white momentarily while shooting a photo or video, resulting in improved lighting in dark conditions.

FrontFlash Cydia FrontFlash Settings

FrontFlash adds a menu of its own to the stock Settings app, but you won’t find many configurable options in there. The tweak works in both video and photo modes, but it is possible to toggle either of these options independently. Other than the two toggles, there is a detailed block of text written in the menu as well, that tells users about the way FrontFlash works and gives a few basic instructions.

Once you have configured FrontFlash and want to see it in action, launch the stock Camera app. The tweak remains functional even if the app is launched from the lock screen. If you are using the Front HDR tweak though, FrontFlash won’t work for you. In photo mode, make sure the flash is ‘On’ or in ‘Auto’ state, and then switch to the front camera. Now the screen will turn white whenever you take a picture in low-light conditions. The screen brightness goes to maximum as well but thankfully, it returns to its previous value immediately after the picture has been shot.

Despite the presence of the video mode toggle, we couldn’t get FrontFlash to work while recording a clip. For photos though, the tweak works great and is definitely worth a shot. It doesn’t cost a dime, and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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