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AddNote: Select Text Anywhere In iOS To Save It As A New Note In The Stock Notes App

Developers and tech-savvy people measure an operating system’s efficiency in terms of processing time, but a common user just cares about the number of steps it takes to perform any given task on a smartphone or computer. AddNote is an addon for the Action Menu Cydia tweak that has been designed for the convenience of all jailbreak users who often find the need to quickly create notes for, say, things they’re reading on the web. The functionality offered by AddNote might not appear too significant at first glance, but when you think about it, almost everyone can make use of a tweak like this. AddNote adds a new button to the text action menu of jailbroken iDevices, tapping which allows you to save any selected snippet of text as a new note in the stock Notes app. Users are saved a lot of trouble by the tweak, and you just have to hit the AddNote button after selecting the desired text to make it magically appear as a new, standalone note in the stock Notes app.

AddNote For Action Menu AddNote For Action Menu Icon AddNote For Action Menu Settings

The tweak is dependent on Action Menu Cydia tweak, and can be fully customized and configured via the Action Menu entry under the stock Settings app. From that menu, just enable the AddNote option, and you are good to go. As AddNote is an extension of the Action Menu tweak, you will get a lot of other customizable options in that settings list as well. It is also possible to switch the action menu entries to appear as icons or text. Once everything is set up according to your liking, select any piece of text anywhere in the OS, and hit the AddNote button from the action menu that pops up. The source text can be from an email, a webpage or just about any area of iOS that supports text selection. You won’t get any indication that a new note has been created after you hit the AddNote button, but the note will be there when you navigate to the Notes app in your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

AddNote saves users the trouble of having to copy text, go to the stock Notes app and pasting it there for safekeeping, as it does everything automatically. If you think AddNote for Action Menu is something you can use, do give it a try by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, where it is available as a free download.

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