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Add Photo Filters Inspired By Top World Photographer’s Styles

Photography apps almost all have filters as a feature. The App Store is practically saturated now with photo filter apps and any new entry in the niche will need something special to distinguish itself from the usual sepia and black & white filters. Priime is a photo filter and editing app that stands out with filters that are inspired by photography styles of the world’s top photographers. The app is free and you start out with eight different styles. Other styles cost $0.99 a piece, or $9.99 for all sixty-six of them. Priime also features tools for adjusting the warmth, saturation, brightness, contrast, vignette, etc of the image, and for straightening or rotating it.

Launch the app and select a photo from your camera roll. Priime does not have a photo capture so you will be using the default Camera app (or a third party app) to take photos. The design is somewhat similar to that of Instagram with the photo taking up the majority of your screen at the top and the tools all lined at the bottom.

The styles tool lets you swipe through different filters, each one inspired by the photography style of a particular photographer. The ones featured in My Styles are all free whereas the ones in All are paid. You can only apply one style at a time.

Priime Priime_filters

The Adjust tool is where you will find the warmth, saturation, shadows, contrast, vignette etc options and the Compose tab is where you can zoom in on a photo, rotate it, or straighten it out. Swipe through the options on the Adjust tab to view and access them all.

Priime_adjust Priime_rotate

Priime can overwrite the original photo, save the one you created as a copy, and export it to Instagram as well as to other apps.

Install Priime From The App Store

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