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Add Shortcuts For Favorite Contacts In iOS 7 Notification Center

Jailbreak apps and tweaks have long been using the Notification Center to facilitate iPhone owners in easily composing text messages and emails without much hassle. Previously, we have seen releases like biteSMS and Overview place contacts-related shortcuts in the NC. Favorite Contacts 7 is a new tweak that differs from others similar ones in that it doesn’t stop at adding generic shortcuts to the Notification Center. With this widget, you get NC entries representing your favorite contacts that can be used to directly make calls, send text messages, and compose emails with a single tap. The widget is quite appealing visually as well, and even lets you make some changes to its layout to suit your needs.

Favorite Contacts 7 iOS Settings Favorite Contacts 7 iOS NC

The widget does not require any separate configuration with regard to contacts, and anyone who is added to the ‘Favorites’ section of the stock address book appears in the Favorite Contacts 7 list. If you want to make any changes to the way things work in the widget, head to the menu added by Fast Contacts 7 to the stock Settings app. Almost every aspect of the widget can be altered, thanks to the options available in this menu. Users can make Favorite Contacts 7 display the names of users along with their profile photos. It is also possible to turn icon labels on, ensuring you never forget the action mapped against a particular button. By default, Favorite Contacts 7 displays five contacts in its main row. If you have more favorites than that, the contact bubbles are divided over several pages within the Notification Center.

To make the widget appear in the iOS 7 NC, head to the Notification Center section of the stock Settings app and toggle on the option labeled Favorite Contacts 7.

Favorite Contacts 7 iOS Tiles Favorite Contacts 7 iOS Options

To set up an action for your contact bubbles, take a look at the ‘Alert Options’ in the Favorite Contacts 7 menu. There are two ways of going about this. The default mode displays a menu containing three options for call, message and email. The other way is to configure the icons to perform just one action, and the menu only shows up if you press and hold the bubble. You can also use a combination of actions to populate the Favorite Contacts 7 dialog box.

Notification Center widgets are usually free, but Favorite Contacts 7 is an exception. This widget costs $1.99, but one has to admit that the price tag is largely justified, thanks to the package’s high level of usability. Head to the BigBoss repo in order to grab Favorite Contacts 7.

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