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Add Sorting & Better Batch Selection Options To iPhone Photos App

You can easily switch to using a third-party camera app, or decide that the handful of editing options available in iOS aren’t enough and download a third-party photo editor, but the stock Photos app in iOS is something that you just can’t avoid. So, tweaks that deal with the Photos app are pretty important, even if they offer a relatively small feature, like the removal of photos synced with iTunes. To really supercharge the stock image gallery in an iDevice though, we haven’t come across a better one than Photo Organizer. This tweak adds a whole bunch of options to Photos app, and that too without asking you to pay anything. Now a paid version of the tweak is also available in the Cydia store, but you won’t be disappointed by Photo Organizer Pro since it offers some features that make the investment worthwhile. You get to sort your albums using a variety of filters, and also bypass iTunes completely by importing pictures to any album using iFile.

Photo Organizer Pro iOS Select All Photo Organizer Pro iOS Sort Photo Organizer Pro iOS Move

Photo Organizer Pro still carries all the features the free version offers, including album repositioning and moving photos easily between two albums. Though let’s take a look at the additional features you can get your hands on in the pro version only.

One-tap Select

Photo Organizer offers a pretty decent way of selecting multiple photos quickly. All you have to do is tap two photos simultaneously, and all images in between get selected. In the pro version of the tweak, it gets even better, as there is a ‘select all’ button in the top-left corner of all albums.

Sort Albums

The sorting options offered by Photo Organizer Pro can be accessed by long-pressing the name of the current album. There are three available filters here, including ‘File Name’, ‘File Size’ and ‘Creation Date’. All of these options can be used to arrange images in ascending and descending order.

Import From iFile

If you really hate iTunes, it is possible to SSH your photos right into the album of your choice. Simply place the photos at the following location:


Once the files are in place, head to the target album and shake your device. The same method works if you have removed images from the library using iFile, and want to make them go away from the Photos app as well.

Photo Organizer Pro doesn’t offer any settings, and you don’t have to configure it before use. The tweak fetches for $0.99, and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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