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Add Vibrations To Any iOS System Action With Vibrate Things

If you use iOS (or any other smartphone platform, for that matter), you are bound to start associating certain sounds with particular actions after a while. The sound of unlocking your iPhone, or plugging it in for charging aren’t there just as cosmetic features. These sounds become a part of system actions in iOS, and make sure that you don’t have to keep looking at your iDevice while performing a minor task. Vibrate Things is a new Cydia tweak that takes things one step further, and you can use it to add vibrations to any system action you want. For instance, you can make your iPhone or iPad vibrate when it is plugged in for charging, or every time an app is launched, and on a whole lot of other occasions. The functionality offered by Vibrate Things might appear unnecessary to some people, but there are many scenarios in which the tweak can come in handy.

Vibrate Things Cydia Vibrate Things Settings

The best thing about Vibrate Things is the fact that it lets you control all its features manually. The tweak won’t impose itself on any area of iOS, and you have to manually enable vibrations for each action. Here is a list of all the system actions supported by Vibrate Things.

  • App launch
  • Launch of power down menu
  • Opening of the App Switcher tray
  • Closing of App Switcher
  • App Launch from App Switcher tray
  • Screen lock
  • Screen unlock
  • Screenshots
  • iPhone is plugged in to any charging inlet
  • Whenever your iDevice gets unplugged
  • Upon each alert

All these options can be accessed from the Vibrate Things menu in the stock Settings app. By toggling any of these options on, you will associate a vibration with the action in question. Although actions like plugging in and unplugging have already got sounds associated with them, having an accompanying vibration decreases the chances of you missing the action ever again.

The tweak can get even better if the developer adds the option to let users add sounds to actions like launching apps, rather than just vibration. Even in its current state though, Vibrate Things is a pretty good tweak, and brings a refreshingly new concept to jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Do give the tweak a try, if only to check out its main idea. Vibrate Things is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and you can download it for no cost at all. The tweak doesn’t have a Springboard icon of its own, and everything has to be configured via the Settings app.

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