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addappt Updates Your iPhone Address Book When Contacts Edit Their Info

addappt made quite a splash when it was first released a few months back, but this contacts manager had the huge limitation of being invite-only. A lot of users also felt that the app has the potential to do more, but didn’t fully realize that potential. Despite these shortcomings, people appreciated the fact that addappt is capable of automatically curating your address book. Basically, all your friends are supposed to keep their profiles up to date, and the changes are reflected in your account (much like in previously reviewed IntouchID). The app also offers a great way of managing groups with utmost ease. Though most of these features aren’t really useful until a lot of your friends are on addappt – something that is difficult to accomplish with an invite-only app. Thankfully, the team behind addappt has finally realized this, making their awesome app open to all iOS users.

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Since users have to keep their addappt profiles up to date if they want the whole concept of the app to work, creating a profile is the first thing you have to do after signing up. This profile doesn’t differ a great deal from the stock Contacts app in terms of fields, but has a better design. Once you have configured everything, addappt asks for permission to access your address book. If some of your friends are already using the service, you can connect with them, but even if no one is around, addappt can still be useful for its group management options.

Thanks to the latest update of the app, you can now create as many groups as you want. Just swipe across a group’s entry in the address book to view the options available for it. You can invite people to addappt in bulk, or simply contact them via SMS or email. Another new feature of addappt is its ability to let users share as many photos as they want with multiple contacts. You can choose images from any album in your device’s photo library, and the app also bypasses the sharing limit of five photos in one go.

Your friends that are using addappt can help keep your address book neat and organized, as every time they change any piece of information in their profile, it instantly shows up at your end. So you are always in touch with your friends, but unlike social networks, your interactions are completely private, and not even other friends can view the information of people that are connected with you.

addappt is a free app optimized for iPhone/iPod touch. Give it a try, as its impressive group management features ensure the app’s relevance for all users.

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