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Air Projector: View iPhone Photos & PDF Files In Any Desktop Web Browser Over WiFi

Getting photos out of your iPhone is a fairly easy task. You don’t even need to launch iTunes to access your images. Nevertheless, you still have to use a cable, which is why there are still plenty of apps that make this task even easier. Air Projector is an iOS app that serves a similar purpose, but not just for extracting images. Using Air Projector, it is possible to display photos and PDF documents on any desktop computer without even transferring the data to it first. The app streams your media and documents to a web browser of your choice. The app doesn’t even need a desktop client as everything is done over Wi-Fi and HTTP.

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When it comes to usage, Air Projector is as simple and minimalistic as they come. Users are provided with a few simple instructions when the app is launched for the first time, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how you can stream your phone’s content using Air Projector. If the app’s homepage does not show the Camera Roll option, just exit the app, kill it from the App Switcher tray and restart it. Now you can begin streaming your photos by entering the IP address provided in the bottom bar of the app in any web browser. If you want to make the content private, hit the settings icon in the bottom-left corner, and set up a username and password. These credentials will be requested every time someone tries to access your data by keying in the Air Projector IP address.

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Streaming PDF documents isn’t as simple as streaming photos using Air Projector. The app doesn’t import PDFs automatically, and you have to open the file with the app using some other app (the stock Mail app, for instance). Just go to any app that can handle PDFs and has the Open in option, and choose Air Projector from the provided app list. Once the PDF has been imported to Air Projector in this manner, the app will show a page listing thumbnails for each part of the document. You can jump to a particular page, or start projecting a document page-by-page.

Air Projector is compatible with all major web browsers, and is optimized for iPhone only (although the app will work perfectly with iPad as well). You can grab Air Projector for free if you hurry to the download link provided below, as the app has temporarily gone free.

Download Air Projector


    • A new IP address will be provided to the user each time you run the app. Look at black bar at the bottom of the app’s main screen to find the IP.

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