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Amazon Cloud Player Comes To iOS; Now Stream Music From The Cloud On Your iPhone

Amazon Cloud Player caused quite a stir when the service was announced for the web and Android last year. Since then, the online music storage and streaming service from Amazon has received favorable reviews from users all around the US, which is perhaps why Amazon has finally decided to increase its userbase beyond the aforementioned platforms to iOS. We know that it is said about a lot of apps out there, but Amazon Cloud Player really does have the potential to give iTunes a run for its money (as a music management tool). Just like the Android app, the iPhone version of Amazon Cloud Player comes with a full-featured music player that can be used to create and manage playlists as well. However, the killer feature offered by the app is its Amazon Cloud Drive integration. You can easily transfer songs from your PC or Mac to your iDevice via the Amazon Music cloud service. Not only that, you can even choose to stream music from your cloud storage to your iPhone without having to download anything, and the app comes with Bluetooth support, making it a true match for the stock Music app.

Amazon Cloud Player iOS Amazon Cloud Player Device Songs Amazon Cloud Player

Even though it’s highly unlikely for you to run into trouble trying to figure out how to use Amazon Cloud Player’s web companion, if it do, take some time to go through our review.

Getting songs to your device from the cloud is really easy; you just have to sign in to your Amazon account from within the Cloud section of the mobile app. Once you’ve done that, all your cloud music will appear on your iPhone’s screen automatically. If you just want to stream a song from the cloud, tap it once. To save a track for offline play, hit the Download button within its context menu. A song can be added to a playlist directly from the cloud as well.

Amazon Cloud Player is not just for songs on your Amazon account; there is a separate section for songs that are already on your device. For now, the app does not support landscape mode, and is not optimized for the iPad. Having said that, Amazon Cloud Player is a free download, and is certainly worth a shot if you are living in the US, own an iPhone or iPod touch and aren’t fond of the hassle of transferring songs to your iDevice using iTunes.

Download Amazon Cloud Player for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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