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Android & iOS Apps To Help You Survive The End Of The World

We’re just a few hours away from 00:00 AM, December 21, 2012, and if the Mayans are to be believed, the world as we know it will come to an abrupt, painful end. To help prepare you for that, we’ve rounded up a few apps for Android and iOS that might increase your chances of survival. Check them out after the jump.


Disclaimer: You are responsible for your own life in the case of an apocalypse. These apps DO NOT fully guarantee the safety of your life.

CityMaps2Go For Offline Maps


Assuming that all of the world’s internet goes down in one fell swoop, you will want an app that will help you navigate to a safer location without internet connectivity. iOS 5 or 6 Maps don’t let you download maps yet, but you can always use a third-party app like the popular CityMaps2Go to get the job done. With map data and points of interest powered by OpenStreetMap, you can search for maps of all cities, counties and districts in major countries like the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy and more, and and download them to your phone.

CityMaps2Go is available for both iOS and Android, but we only really recommend it for iOS since Google Maps on Android already comes with the ability to download maps to your phone for offline access.

Download CityMaps2Go For iOS | Android

A Flashlight App


If the entire world’s internet can go down, so can your your local power grid! With that in mind, you should keep a flashlight app on your phone. It will come really handy at night (provided you survive that long).

For Android, we recommend Brightest Flashlight. It lets you use  the LED flash if your device has one, or the display – with a blank white screen and brightness set to maximum – if you don’t. iOS users should check out Flashlight from iHandy.

Download Brightest Flashlight For Android

Download Flashlight For iOS

Circleof6 To Instantly Share Location With Friends & Family In An Emergency


Available for both iOS and Android, CircleOf6 lets you quickly contact close friends and family in case of an emergency. Once you’ve added six trusted people, all it takes is launching the app and then tapping the car icon  to send a pre-programmed text to your closest circle of friends & family (with your exact location included).

Download Circleof6 For iOS | Android

Find My Friends & Google Latitude For Keeping Track Of Friends & Family

Find My Friends Google Latitude

Continuing the idea of keeping track of people’s locations, you should definitely install an app like Google Latitude on your smartphone to share your location in real-time with your friends and family. Latitude is a cross-platform service, with a web-based interface as well as well as an app for iOS. On Android, it comes built-in with the Google Maps app.

However, if you want an iOS-only solution for some reason, you should get Apple’s Find My Friends, which lets you track other iOS device-owning people.

Download Find My Friends For iOS

Download Google Latitude For iOS

Download Google Maps With Latitude For Android

To-Do List App


To keep track of the things you’re supposed to do throughout the apocalypse, a to-do list app will come very handy. iOS 5 & 6 come with a built-in Reminders app that is good enough for this purpose, but Android users will need a third-party solution. We highly recommend Any.DO; it’s easy to use and completely free, has gesture-support, voice dictation and auto-completion of tasks, and you can even share tasks with other users for enhanced collaboration!

Download Any.DO For Android | iOS

Deep Sleep Battery Saver For Android


Android smartphones aren’t as power-efficient as they can be, so it’s highly recommended that you get yourself an app that can extend battery life as much as possible. There are dozens of apps available on Google Play for this very purpose, but you should check out the recently covered Deep Sleep Battery Saver. Be sure to read our guide to saving your Android smartphone’s battery life as well!

Download Deep Sleep Battery Saver For Android


First Aid App For Helping Injured People

American Red Cross

Heavy injuries and the end of the world tend to go side by side, so you will want to have an app ready to guide you in application of basic first aid. “First Aid by American Red Cross” is an app that comes with step-by-step guides for applying first aid for bleeding, broken bones, burns and more! It also comes with useful safety tips for severe environmental conditions like extreme cold/heat, earthquakes and hurricanes, among others.

Download First Aid by American Red Cross For iOS | Android

Survival Handbooks

Survival Handbooks

If you do manage to get into some sort of super safe, underground bunker, you’re going to need a professional survival guide to help you make the most out of minimal resources. Techniques for procuring food, water, starting a fire for warmth, building basic shelter, performing basic first aid, etc. are going to be very helpful.  There are many guide apps available on both iOS and Android, but we recommend the below two since they are free and well rated by the user community.

Download Survival Guide For Android

Download iSurvival For iOS

How are you preparing for the imminent destruction of the world? Did we miss any apps? Be sure to let us know by leaving a comment below.


  1. I personally don’t believe something like that going to be happen but what was useful for me in this article was Battery saving App.
    Awesome article and well appreciated by my side good luck.

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