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Anime Doctor: Carry Around An Anime Encyclopedia In Your iPhone

Be it Naruto, Death Note or any other anime series, this genre of entertainment has certainly gained popularity at an exponential rate in recent years. In addition to the awesomeness of each series’ contents,  the other thing that has led to anime’s worldwide rise to fame is the variety that is available for fans. You can find anime related to just about any topic or subcategory, and that is why it has become quite difficult to separate something that is really good from things that are just plain weird (and believe us, there are plenty of those when it comes to anime). Anime Doctor is an iOS app that will help you in learning all about every aspect of any anime series. The app is the perfect source of information for all things anime, and lists details like cast names, episode details, plot summary and suggestions for shows that match your interests. The app can be a good tool for discovering new anime shows, and might also come in handy if you want to impress your friends with your knowledge regarding your favorite series.

Anime Doctor iOS Featured Anime Doctor iOS Search Anime Doctor iOS Series Page

Anime Doctor has a really attractive and polished interface, and the Featured section of the app uses a card-like menu to come up with shows that are popular among Anime Doctor users these days. The Featured page also has the the app’s sound control button. You can mute the app by hitting the red speaker icon, or choose to keep the sound effects that accompany the navigation gestures within Anime Doctor. Just like the Featured tab, the Anime area of the app lists shows, but here you will find every series that is in the Anime Doctor database. The app has a lot of sorting options, and you can arrange the Anime tab by popularity, release date of shows, episode length and a number of other criteria. If you are looking for a particular show, use the Search menu.

Hitting the More Information button at the bottom of each show’s name will take you to its dedicated page. The main section of the series page displays the main theme of the show, and provides a basic storyline. You can also get a few cover art photos from here. The first tab lets you view the details and names of all the episodes of the series, while the other two are there for characters and creators info. As all the show details keep getting updated pretty regularly, Anime Doctor offers its users the option to bookmark their favorite shows. This can be done by hitting the star icon at the top of the series’ info page. You can also share series details over Facebook and Twitter.

Anime Doctor is a free, universal app, and its retina-optimized display makes everything really beautiful. Maybe not the most useful app ever released in the App Store, but anime fans are sure to appreciate the vast reservoir of information Anime Doctor will bring to their iPhone and iPad.

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  1. Some anime terms like “Fan service” is often misunderstood. Majority of today’s anime carries Fan service content heavily. Animes in the 90s aren’t heavily into Fan service. A lot of anime watchers today often can’t stand watching early animes not because of the quality of the art but the lack of Fan service. Different eras..

    I would argue the over use of Fan service in anime today makes them all too boring and predictable.

  2. I didn’t even like anime before downloading this app.. but I learned alot while using it, and now I watch anime way too much. Anime Doctor is amazing! I recommend it to everyone!

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