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Atom Adds A Sleek Custom App Launcher To The iPhone Lock Screen

All it takes is a single app or tweak to bring a certain genre back in vogue. Prior to the release of JellyLock, there hadn’t been a similar tweak released in the Cydia store for a long time, but now we have an even newer way of adding useful app shortcuts to the iOS lock screen. atom lets you pin six apps to the lock screen, and to make sure you don’t end up launching them by mistake, it uses a clever dragging gesture to get to the shortcuts. To make the unlocking mechanism conforms to the rest of the tweak, atom adds the unlock shortcut in the middle of the app icons, which looks pretty neat. atom might not have as many customizing options as ICSLock Pro, but its default look is good enough to keep most users satisfied.

atom iOS LS atom iOS Settings

JellyLock as well as some of the other tweaks that let users place app shortcuts on their lock screen add their own options to the bottom half of the screen, leaving the rest of the area empty as it usually is. atom is different because it utilizes most of the available screen real estate on the iPhone lock screen. Rather than squeezing everything into a tiny space, the app shortcuts placed by atom are spread out in a very convenient manner that looks good as well.

Once atom has been installed, you are sure to notice the lock screen is transformed completely. The tweak removes the camera grabber and the unlock slider, replacing them with options of its own. atom even chooses some common apps by itself for the shortcuts, but don’t worry about that since you can still change them to apps of your own choice any time. To do this, head to the stock Settings app and navigate to the atom menu that the tweak has added there. You can choose to assign both stock and third-party apps to any of the positions from the six options present in the list.

atom might be the best-looking tweak of its kind, but some users would have appreciated had there been some customization options for it. Like all such tweaks, it will take some time for anyone to get used to a new and unique way of unlocking an iPhone, but if you like the way atom makes your lock screen look, the effort might be worthwhile. The tweak costs $1.99, and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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