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Auto Trigger Multiple Actions On Your iPhone When It’s Plugged In

Activator has claimed its position among the very best Cydia tweaks available due to its sheer usefulness. Any tweak that is even remotely related to gesture control is either Activator-based, or improves upon some functionality provided by it. PowerActions is another tweak of this kind. Activator already enables you to define certain actions whenever you connect your iDevice to a power source. PowerActions does the same, but goes one step further and lets you define multiple actions for this single trigger. It also offers some additional actions that are not to be found in Activator such as displaying a customized alert, starting music playback, toggle some of the most frequently used system settings, or mute/unmute your device each time you put it on charging.

PowerActions iOS Cydia PowerActions iOS Settings PowerActions iOS Alert

PowerActions is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store as a free download. Once installed, it adds a lengthy menu of its own to the stock Settings app. Here is everything the tweak is capable of doing:

  • Show Alert: This toggle brings up a message informing the user that their device is now charging.
  • Custom Alert: You can set a custom alert to pop up, with the title and main boxy text of your choice. If both custom and default alerts are toggled on, they show up one-by-one.
  • Vibrate Device: Control whether your device vibrates upon plugging in or not. It works even when you are in vibrate or silent mode.
  • Show Lock Screen: Takes you straight to the lock screen upon connecting your charger, even if you are in the middle of using an app.
  • Toggle Airplane: Changes the current state of Airplane mode.
  • Toggle Wifi: Automatically enables or disables Wi-Fi.
  • Toggle Mute: Do you always forget to put your device out of silent mode when putting it on charging and going to the other room? This toggle can come to the rescue.
  • Music Options: PowerActions is capable of performing three music-related tasks. Whenever you plug in your iPhone, the tweak can start music playback, or stop any ongoing music playback, or change the current track to play the next or previous one in your playlist.

Some might argue that PowerActions doesn’t have too many real-life applications, but it can never hurt to have some extra control in your hand. Options to toggle Wi-Fi and sound state can be very useful to many, while the tweak offers some new things that can’t be found in other alternatives. Since price is not an issue here, it’s worth a try even if only one of the actions listed above help you automate things.

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