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Completely Personalize iOS App Icon Badges With Badge Customizer

Before seeing Badge Customizer, a lot of people must have considered Boover as the ultimate tweak for making icon badges appear just they way they want. The new tweak, however, completely kills the competition, thanks to its great features and the kind of customization that can be done with complete ease. Thanks to Badge Customizer, owners of jailbroken iDevices can alter badge colors, change badge position on app icons, and even apply a tint of their choice to them. Tinkering with the size of icon badges is something that we haven’t previously seen in any tweak of this kind, but Badge Customizer even offers this feature, letting you properly show off your newly revamped badges.

Badge Customizer iOS Settings Badge Customizer iOS Color Badge Customizer iOS Blend

Badge Customizer changes some properties of icon badges automatically once it has been installed, but if you want to take matters into your own hands, head to the stock Settings app and look for the tweak’s own menu. Once you have enabled Badge Customizer, you can get down to business. The ‘Badge Size’ slider can be used to change the diameter of badges, which is at 0.0 by default. The position of badges on app icons can be changed to all the places Boover can reach. These options include top, left, bottom, right, center and many combinations of these.

Badge Customizer iOS

The most comprehensive options offered by Badge Customizer reside in the ‘Badge Color’ menu. To simply change the transparency level of badges, move the ‘Badge Alpha’ slider. You can choose to use a single solid color for icon badges, or go for one of the blend options. In blend mode, the tweak lets its users choose a gradient or some other color effect to be applied to badges. Unfortunately, it is not possible to preview the changes before you apply them, so it might take several trips to the Badge Customizer menu before you get everything right. Another slightly annoying aspect of the tweak is its inability to apply changes to the SpringBoard until you respring your device. The button to force a respring is available within the tweak’s menu though, so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Badge Customizer offers a boatload of features, but still doesn’t cost anything. The only requirement of using the tweak is that you must be on iOS 6, as it doesn’t work on older firmware versions. Head to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store and grab Badge Customizer right now if you want to add a new dimension to SpringBoard tweaking.

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