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BlackBerry Z10 Glimpse Lets You Try Out BB10 OS In Any Mobile Browser

BlackBerry Z10 – the latest incarnation of the Canadian phone maker and arguably their last chance of surviving in the smartphone industry – recently crossed the 10 million units sold mark, which is a great achievement for an ailing company. Although BlackBerry has never been as auspicious as Android and iOS – or even Windows Phone – in terms of sales and popularity ever since its decline a few years back, that doesn’t mean the latest revision isn’t any good at all compared to the competition. If you want to take the new OS for a test drive without first paying for the device itself, BlackBerry has now launched a new Glimpse webpage that emulates the OS in form of an interactive demo, and allows you to run it on Android and iOS devices. The web page – as its name implies – gives a you glimpse into some of BlackBerry 10’s awesome new features such as gestures, BlackBerry Hub, BBM, Time Shift Camera, BBM Video, Keyboard and a few others.

You can experience Blackberry 10 Glimpse demo by heading over to the following URL on your device’s browser:


Once there, simply tap the ‘Try it’ button to get started. The webpage takes you on an interactive trip of BlackBerry Z10 and its OS, acquainting you with its key features along the way. It mainly focuses on BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Keyboard, BBM Video with Screen Share, and an interesting Camera with Time Shift feature. It also demonstrates BlackBerry World – a marketplace where you can download apps and games for the platform.

The demo is split among four sequences, and each sequence takes a bit of loading before jumping to the next. It also occasionally asks  you to tap the screen before hopping on the the proceeding page. The Gestures support of the OS seems to be quite promising and it lets you open or close widgets, switch apps or move between different screens. For instance, swiping from the bottom opens up the rather neat app switcher.

BlackBerry Z10 Glimpse BlackBerry Z10 Glimpse._Home BlackBerry Z10 Glimpse_BBM Video Screen share

Then there’s BlackBerry’s long-revered BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) service, which is widely regarded for its intuitive design and convenience in communication with other BBM users. You can also experience the lock screen, the new on screen keyboard that automatically guesses the next word, video chat that supports picture-in-picture, and a few additional tidbits. Lastly, it presents the camera’s Time Shift Mode that automatically adjusts the picture mode according to the type of picture you’re taking.

IMG_4468 BlackBerry Z10 Glimpse_Hubs BlackBerry Z10 Glimpse._Camera

If you’re an Android or iOS user who hasn’t used BlackBerry before, or someone who has used an earlier incarnation of BlackBerry and is looking forward to trying out the newer incarnation of the OS before buying the Z10, BlackBerry Glimpse provides pretty cool beforehand experiencing of the phone’s interface. The demo can only be played on a mobile device only, and doesn’t support desktop browsers.

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