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Block Comments When Loading Websites In Safari In iOS 9

With content blocking apps now supported in Safari, the App Store has seen an incoming of one particular type of apps; ad blockers. Ads can be annoying and a lot of websites don’t bother to optimize them so that content ends up being blocked by ads, or the page keeps scrolling to the top as an ad loads. Where ads do make it so that websites need more time to load, comment plugins used by websites are often guilty of the same. Some sites make it so that comments aren’t loaded when you visit a page unless you specifically tap the option to load them but websites like that are in the minority. Meet Shut Up, a free content blocking app for blocking comments in Safari. It comes with a whitelisting feature with a few websites such as Reddit and Stackoverflow already added to it.

Download Shut Up and enable it in Safari’s settings. Open the app and you can see the websites already added to the white list. The sites are ones where the comments themselves are the actual content. To add another site, click the plus button at the bottom and enter the site’s URL.

safari enable content blocker shut-up

Shut Up works like it should; a web page with a comments plugin still reports that there are comments on the page but the comments themselves do not load.

shut-up-comment shut-up-comment-blocked

The page does load faster with comments disabled and if you ever find yourself browsing YouTube in Safari it’s probably best you don’t see the comments there.

Download Shut Up: Comment Blocker From The App Store

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