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Blux Camera Brings Its Smart Photo Effects To The iPad

Last month, we covered Blux Camera, a camera replacement app that analyses the scene and automatically picks the best effects and filters for it. Such apps are usually more popular on the iPhone, thanks to the superior camera hardware that comes with the newer iterations. However, times have changed and the last couple of versions of Apple’s iPad come packed with pretty decent cameras. This means that there is now a need for tablet-optimized photo editors as well, which is why the team behind Blux Camera has come up with an iPad client of the app. Blux Camera for iPad offers all the options available in the app’s iPhone version, but after using it on our iPad, we can’t help but wonder how such an impressive array of options fitted onto the iPhone’s small screen. There are a number of photo effects, capture modes and other camera-related features on offer. Other than that, Blux Camera retains its trademark intelligence on the iPad as well, making sure you get all the help you want to decide on the most appropriate settings for a particular scene.

Blux Camera iPad Home Blux Camera iPad Edit

Main Controls

While Blux Camera for iPad is full to the brim with features, you can easily use it in a hurry. The main screen has two sliders, one for zooming and the other for setting the temperature of the scene being captured. Hitting the button in the top-right corner will let you switch to the front-facing cam, or make use of the available tilt-shift effects.

Image Adjustments

Swiping from left to right will display the four image adjustment sliders, including saturation, contrast, brightness and hue. Tapping and holding any of these knobs shows the exact numerical value of each entity.

Capture Modes

The following camera modes can be selected by long-pressing the camera button.

  • Voice-triggered
  • Anti-shake
  • Timer
  • Tap to capture
  • Burst mode

Blux Camera iPad EffectsPhoto Effects

Although the button in the bottom-right corner can be tapped repeatedly to switch between all the available filters, the real effects menu can be accessed with a swipe from the right of the screen. Just like the iPhone variant of the app, Blux Camera for iPad has filters named after countries, and you can choose any one from the circular dial on show.

Blux Camera iPad Enviro Blux Camera iPad Settings

Environment Scan

Tapping the small blue button in the top-left corner of the app will gauge the current temperature and weather conditions of your surroundings, and Blux Camera will recommend the most appropriate photo effects for you based on this analysis.

To view previously captured photos, swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen. The Settings menu can let you change the temperature unit to centigrade and permanently toggle on the environment widget box.

Blux Camera for iPad, like its iPhone counterpart, sports the same, reasonable $0.99 price tag. The app isn’t universal, so you will have to purchae the iPad variant separately even if you do own Blux Camera for iPhone.

Download Blux Camera For iPad

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