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How To Use Google Now For iPhone In Unsupported Regions

Last night, Google released Google Now for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in the form of an update to the Google Search app available in the App Store. It is working well so far for people in many major countries, but those living outside them receive a popup message telling them Google Now isn’t yet supported in their country. Well, we have found a way to bypass said region restriction and as always, we’re going to walk you through the entire process. So check it out after the jump, and get Google Now up and running on your iDevice no matter where you are!

Google-Now-iOS region-restriction Bypass-Google-Now-iPhone region-restriction

Before we get into the details, you should first understand that Google likely opted not to enable Google Now in your country because they haven’t been able to test it well enough for the services offered for the region, or they did get to test it but were dissatisfied with the results.

We’ve previously taken a detailed look at the many different kinds of Smart Cards Google Now can display, but if you live in a smaller country, follow a less internationally popular sport, have invested stocks in a local company, use a domestic airline, send / receive packages using a local courier service etc., you won’t get such cards any time soon. It will take a good amount of time before Google Now supports cards for everything, everywhere.

Google-Now-for-iOS Google-Now-for-iOS-sample-cards

If you understand this limitation and have lowered your expectations, you may now check out GoogleNowEnabler for jailbroken iOS devices. Provided you have installed the Google Search app for iOS, installing GoogleNowEnabler on top gets it to work in any country in the world. Understandably, there is no app icon, nor anything in the Settings app to be changed for GoogleNowEnabler – just install the tweak and use Google Now. We have tested this on a jailbroken iPhone and can confirm that it works as claimed.

When you launch your Google Search app after installing the tweak, it will ask you to log in to your Gmail account if you wish to use Google Now, instead of giving you the ‘unavailable’ error. If it doesn’t, you can tap on Settings at the top-right corner and turn on Google Now from there.

If you are using Google Now for the first time, you will likely only get a handful of cards for things like the local weather, nearby restaurants that have been rated well on Google Maps, and nearby Photo Spots. As Google starts accumulating more data about you, you’ll get more interesting cards, for example, the best route to follow in the morning to reach your office or school.

GoogleNowEnabler is available for free from Cydia under ModMyi repository. Learn how to jailbreak your iOS device on iOS 6 – 6.1.2 if you haven’t set your device free from Apple’s walled garden yet.

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