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Cal Is A Beautiful, Smart Android & iOS Calendar App From Any.DO

There can be no denying the fact that when it comes to the interface, simple apps like Clear tend to steal the show, but there is still something to be said for apps that offer a variety of features. Any.DO is a good example of a task manager that can do a lot of stuff without being too complicated. The app has been around on iOS and Android for quite a while, but it seems like the team behind it is looking to explore some new avenues. The new Cal app and Any.DO are from the same developer, but aren’t too radically different. Cal for iPhone (update: now available on Android as well) is a calendar app, as the name suggests, and it allows you to create new events in a very efficient manner. It is possible to add invitees to events, associate locations with tasks and choose different intervals for alarms. To top it all off, Cal has an ever-changing background theme that is different for each day of the calendar.

Cal iOS Calendar Cal iOS Settings Cal iOS Themes

You have to sign up for an app account before Cal becomes functional. Signing up is possible through email, or by connecting your Facebook ID with the app. This registration process is meant to let Any.DO users get the most out of Cal. Once logged in, make sure the app has permission to access your calendar data and contacts. This helps make the app more useful by letting it save new events to your default iPhone calendar, and managing events that have already been created.

Once on the main Cal view, swipe across the screen to switch between days. To get a full list of a day’s tasks, swipe down from the date area. Doing the opposite displays a more detailed view of the calendar. The calendar view has a background photo that changes daily; to determine the genre of these backgrounds, head to the app’s settings and enter the ‘Photo theme’ section.

Cal iOS Reminder Options Cal iOS Alarm Cal iOS Task

To create a new event in Cal, hit the ‘+’ icon located in the top-right corner. At the bare minimum, you can simply enter the task’s title and set an alarm time. However, the app does offer a lot of additional options that can help users make their reminders really thorough. If a task is supposed to be collaborative, add people from your contact list to it and Cal can automatically send them invites. Location info, navigation instructions and extra notes can also be added to each reminder created in Cal. Depending upon the nature of available tasks, Cal is capable of offering options like email, Facebook and SMS so that users get to contact others without having to leave the app.

Cal is a free app, and is display-optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. The app hasn’t been released for Android just yet, but if you are an Any.DO user on iOS or just want a nice alternative to the stock Calendar app, give Cal a go.

Install Cal for iOS

Update: Cal is now available on Android as well and out of beta. We’ve added its Play Store link below.

Install Cal for Android

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