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Call Your Three Favorite Contacts From The Notification Center [iOS]

iOS 9 introduced a ‘suggestions’ feature that is coupled with Spotlight search. When you swipe down to open Spotlight search, both contacts that you have recently been talking to, and apps that you recently used appear as suggestions. The feature makes it easy to revert to a ‘previous’ app making multi-tasking work better overall. Since the suggestions feature is dynamic and set to update to according to how you use your iPhone, you can’t rely on it always show the contact you want to call at a given time. Swipe Dial is a free iOS widget app that lets you add your three favorite contacts to the Notification Center and call them. You can add more than three contacts, and message and Facetime functionality with an in-app purchase.

Install the app and open it to add your three favorite contacts. The app doesn’t automatically pick up on which numbers you’ve added as favorites. The contacts you add to Swipe Dial remain independent from the favorites in the Phone app.

Once you’ve added the three numbers, open the Notification Center and switch to the Today tab to add the Swipe Dial widget.

swipe-dial swipe-dial-widget

Three contacts are reasonably enough for anyone wanting to use the app for free. It’s the message and Facetime function that might make you want to upgrade. The unlimited contacts feature isn’t going to be worth it if you want to add ten or perhaps even eight contacts because the feature is limited to how many contacts can be shown in the widget. A widget isn’t allowed to take up all the space in the Notification Center so the number of contacts you have will always be limited.

Install Swipe Dial From The App Store

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  1. why do you need to call only three contacts while you can call all favorite contacts just by adding the contacts widget to the NC.

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