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Camu: All-In-One Photography App Offers Live Editing, Filters And Text [iOS]

I don’t look kindly on camera apps that apply filters and do little else but Camu has my attention. It has live filters that you can edit later but apart from that, it has one of the most comprehensive feature sets you will find in any photography app, that too for the amazing price of free. Camu is a free iOS app that lets you apply live filters when you take a photo. The app works with the front facing camera, comes with a timer, and lets you add text to a photo in four different fonts. It also lets you capture and arrange photos in a collage, straighten or angle a photo, add a tilt-shift effect, and share your photo over email, to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Wahtsapp.

Launch the app and swipe to switch between filters. The controls at the bottom of the view finder let you enable flash, set a timer, and select a point of focus as well as switch to the front facing camera. This is also where you enable a collage. Camu doesn’t let you create a collage like other apps built for that specific purpose do but it lets you split your screen in two, either vertically or diagonally.

Camu Camu collage

Once you’ve snapped a photo, you can edit it further. If you didn’t apply a filter live, you can still apply one after taking the photo by swiping on the next screen. The bottom of the screen has editing tools for adding/removing the date the photo was taken on, adding text, straightening the photo, and managing depth of field.

The text effect is pretty neat; you can choose between four different fonts and enter custom text. You can also use the ‘Slogan’ feature to add popular quotes to the photo if you’re low on ideas for captions. The app has four text styles; all black, all white, black with white highlight, and white with black highlight. There are no color customization options other than this.

Camu straighten Camu text

Once you’re finished editing, move to the next screen and select the app you want to share the photo to. Camu by default will save a copy of the photo to your photostream. The app doesn’t post directly to other networks but opens the photo in the respective apps so you can edit before sharing.

Camu isn’t an Instagram rival simply because it isn’t social sharing but it can be an excellent companion app to use alongside Instagram. The app even has a dedicated square photo size that makes photos all the easier to use when you share to Instagram,

Download Camu From The App Store

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