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Capture Screenshots Of Scrollable iOS Screens & Individual UI Elements

Taking screenshots on iOS is no big deal; you just push the Home and power buttons simultaneously, and the current view is captured with an on-screen flash. Since this is such a straightforward feature of the platform, not many developers over at the Cydia store have felt the need to tinker with it much. We have seen tweaks like Screenshot Dam, IsMyFlash and SSCapture in the past, but they leave the basic characteristics of iOS screenshot feature untouched, or just stop at giving the feature a makeover. Capture View is different though, as it adds a whole new dimension to screenshots capabilities of the iPhone. With this tweak, users can capture a single element of a long list of options, or even capture a complete scrollable list in one shot.

Capture View iOS Action Menu Capture View iOS Option Capture View iOS Messages

To get a clear idea of Capture View’s purpose, take a look at the stock Settings app in your iPhone. If you want to take a screenshot of the complete list, you can’t do it in one go, since you can’t see all the options in the list without scrolling. You can take multiple screenshots after scrolling, but those are saved as separate photos and can’t be stitched together without a photo editor. Capture View does all the work for you automatically, and has the ability to snap extra-long screenshots to make sure that almost any screen view is captured in one shot. You don’t have to scroll through the entire page to make sure that the screenshot is perfect, as all the tweak asks of the user is to tap a single button. To configure Capture View, head to the ‘Action Menu’ entry in the stock Settings app, and make sure that the tweak’s option is enabled under the ‘Actions’ heading. Now you are ready to start taking those amazingly lengthy screenshots.

Capture View iOS Capturin Capture View iOS Done Capture View iOS Screenshot

If you want to take a screenshot of a single UI element, long-press it and choose the ‘Capture’ option from the resulting action menu. To capture the entire list or menu in one go, long-press any empty space on the screen until the action menu shows up, and then choose the ‘ScrollCapture’ option. Capture View takes a few moments to capture the desired view, and shows an alert when the process is complete. The screenshots are stored in the stock Photos app, just like ordinary screenshots. Capture View would have been perfect if it also enabled users to take screenshots of full webpages, but its price tag of $1 is still worthwhile since the tweak works in menus, conversation threads and even third-party apps like Twitter. Give Capture View a go by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.


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