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Check Your iPhone For Notifications Without Taking It Out Of Your Pocket

It might seem difficult to even imagine that now, but not too long ago, iOS didn’t have a Notification Center. We have come quite a long way since then, but some basic problems still stand unresolved. While you can easily view missed notifications by heading to the Notification Center, some alerts are really time-sensitive and require the user’s attention immediately. This is why LED notification alerts have been in such hot demand for a long time. Vibration patterns can also be greatly helpful in making sure you never miss an important incoming notification even for a few minutes. The Cydia store now has a third and brilliantly simple solution on offer in PocketNotify – new tweak that can be used to check if there are pending notifications even without looking at your phone. You can check for new notifications even if your iPhone is in your pocket or purse, without the need to whip it out every few minutes to do so. So, how does it work? Let’s find out.

PocketNotify iOS Cydia PocketNotify iOS Activator

PocketNotify is a really simple tweak, and it is nice to see that the developer hasn’t chosen to make any needless additions to the stock Settings app. Having said that, the tweak does require some very basic configuration. PocketNotify is an Activator-based tweak, so you need to have the gesture platform installed on your device before using it.

So, what exactly is the function performed by this tweak? PocketNotify makes sure that users can perform a gesture of their choice when the device is in lock screen, and whenever this gesture is performed, the tweak checks to see if there are any pending notifications. If there are, the device vibrates, otherwise you won’t feel a thing. Of course, a lot of the tweak’s success depends upon your choice of gesture. For best results, it is better if you go for one of the hardware-related gestures. For example, long-pressing the sleep button or simultaneously pressing both of the volume keys might prove to be good choices, since these gestures can be performed without having to look at the iPhone.

The only improvement in the tweak that we can suggest is that instead of giving just one vibration, the number of vibrations should match the number of pending notifications. Even in its current state though, the tweak is something a lot of people are sure to find themselves using with increasing frequency. You can give it a go for $0.99 by heading to the BigBoss repo.

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