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Check Which Apps Are Draining The Most Battery In iOS 9 [iPhone Tip]

Battery drain is a common smartphone problem. We might like to pretend it’s something that only plagues Android users but iPhone users have it just as bad as they do. The battery and how quickly it might drain limit how much time we can spend and duly rely on our device when we’re outdoors. People do resort to back-up options like cases that can charge your phone or provide a small charge boost. One very basic way to conserve your battery’s charge is to not play games when you’re outside. Basic communication is a more important function that you need your phone for. The satisfaction of breaking a striped candy combo comes later. iOS 9 takes a much more proactive approach to helping you find which apps are the bigger battery drain with a dedicated feature that reports battery use on a per-app basis. Here’s how you can find which apps tax your iPhone battery the most in iOS 9.

Go to Settings>Battery and scroll down to see a complete list of apps and their respective battery usage. The default tab shows you how much battery an app has consumed in the last 24 hours. If you tap on the clock button, the percentage will be broken down so that you can see how much of the app’s activity occurred when it was on-screen (you were actively using it) and how much of occurred in the background.

Tap the tab called ‘Last X Days’ and you can see battery consumed by apps over a longer period of days (for as long as your phone has been collecting the data). If you tap the clock button, you can see how much of an app’s activity happened on-screen and in the background for the historical data as well.

ios9-battery-usage io9-battery-usage

This will not only help you decide which apps to avoid using when you’re out and low on battery but it will also help you identify the biggest battery drain on your phone. I was personally surprised to see that Facebook was consuming the most battery on my phone and many games that I assumed were battery hogs were consuming very little of the battery.

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