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A Look At Chrome For iOS’ Fullscreen, PDF To Drive & Print Features

The iOS app of Google Chrome has gone through a few changes since its release last summer, but the app hasn’t received any major updates yet. The previous update gained more popularity for the crashing issue it introduced in jailbroken devices, rather than the few new features it brought. The latest update, however, is a lot more significant. The app now has a full screen mode, lets you convert any webpage to a PDF, and enables you to print pages via AirPrint or Google Cloud Print right from within Chrome. This brings Chrome almost at par with Mobile Safari, as other than the ‘Reader’ mode, you can now do everything with Chrome that can be accomplished in Safari, and then some.

Full-Screen Browsing

Chrome iOS Full Screen Chrome iOS Menu

Before we dive into the PDF and printing features rolled out in the update, let’s take a closer look at the most obvious change in Chrome: the full screen mode. You don’t have to do much to start seeing a page in full screen; in fact, it is impossible not to see it like that. Every time you scroll downwards and go past the omnibox, the page starts appearing in full screen by itself, and continues to do so as long as you are scrolling downwards, or aren’t scrolling at all. To get the omnibox back, just a small upwards swipe anywhere on the page is enough. The full screen feature has been added only to the iPhone and iPod touch versions of Chrome.

Printing & PDF

Chrome iOS Print Chrome iOS Printer Chrome iOS PDF

You might not be able to find the PDF option at first glance, since it is incorporated within the printing option. When you tap the ‘Print’ option from the Chrome menu, two options show up. You can print a webpage using Google Cloud Print or AirPrint. If you choose the former option, the webpage is automatically converted into a PDF file and uploaded to your Google Drive account. As you can probably guess, this requires that the user has connected their Google account with the app. If you aren’t already signed in, Chrome for iOS prompts you to enter your email address and password. The PDF file’s preview isn’t shown within the app, but it still gets saved to your Google Drive without a hitch.

The latest update of the Chrome app also claims to improve its stability – something that the browser needed quite a bit. So if you are already using Chrome on your iDevice, or think that the app has finally become good enough to replace Safari for you, head to the link below and grab its latest version for free.

Download Chrome For iOS

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