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Clear Timer Is A Gesture-Based, Themable Stopwatch App For iPhone

Despite making headlines for infringing upon the trademark of Swiss Railways Service’s clock design, the stock Clock app in iOS 6 received a lot of positive attention from Apple back in September last year. The app is no longer just a place where people set their daily alarms, as other features like stopwatch and countdown timers have been improved as well. And if you want an app that offers some unique features, there are choices like Wave Timer, which lets users control the countdown without even touching the screen. Clear Timer does not offer any such exotic features, but it is by far the most efficient timer app we have seen for iPhone in a long time. You can configure multiple reminders simultaneously using the app’s gesture controls. and the app comes wit plenty of themes and alert sounds for the customization fans among us.

Clear Timer iOS Home Clear Timer iOS List Clear Timer iOS Settings

Clear Timer walks you through its features in form of a graphical tutorial when you launch it for the first time. Even if you choose to skip it, you can always bring it up again from the help menu inside the app.

To configure a new timer quickly, just tap the hour, minute or second field and then rotate the dial provided below these switches. If you don’t trust the dial, you can also simply tap either edge of the dial to change the values, albeit slowly.

To create multiple timers, hit the ‘+’ icon located in the top-right corner of the main screen. The most recent active timer shows up on the big screen, but you can also get a complete list of active countdowns by tapping the badge icon located in the top-left corner. To rename any counter, just tap its entry and then change the name from the top bar.

Clear Timer works in the background, and has the ability to send out an alert as soon a timer reaches its end. If the app is open, you will also hear a spoken countdown for the last few seconds of the timer. Both male and female voices are available for this countdown.

Clear Timer iOS Sounds Clear Timer iOS Themes

When it comes to cosmetic aspects, Clear Timer has plenty on offer. You can choose different themes for the app via in-app purchases, or unlock all of them by getting the pro bundle for $4.99. The app also lets its users assign different ringtones to different alarms. Some of them are free, but others follow the same pattern as themes.

A lot of people don’t use timer apps because of the hassle that they have to encounter while trying to set up an alarm. Clear Timer takes all that away from the process, making things very efficient and systematic. The app is free and display-optimized for iPhone/iPod touch; give it a go at the link below.

Download Clear Timer For iOS

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  • Ralph Kiernan

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful review about Clear timer. I have also tried using this app and ’twas great. You can actually run multiple timers at once, and it offers a variety of themes and sounds which makes it more fun to use.